Who We Are

Community Life

Our Call to Sharing

"Jesus has called us together to be a community for mission as he once gathered his disciples around him. He shared with them his way of life, revealed to them his Father's love and sent them forth to continue his mission. Our living of community in this spirit witnesses to the love of the Father for all people revealed in Jesus, his son. It is a sign toward which we are moving, the new Jerusalem where all will be one in the love of the Triune God." (SND Constitutions #54, #62)

Our community life is strengthened as we share with one another our experience of God's goodness, our joys and sorrows, insights and talents, and our friendship with one another.  In the love we experience in community, we find a necessary help in our following of Jesus and for our ministry. We pray together in a contemplative spirit and actively serve in line with our apostolic mission for the needs of others.

Spiritual Freedom Through Our Vows

By joining together in community through our vows, we are set free to serve how and where we are most needed. Embracing a life of voluntary poverty, celibacy, and obedience allows us to proclaim God’s goodness without boundaries, and through this self-emptying, we give room to God’s abundant gifts. 

Vow of Poverty
“The more we allow God alone to possess our hearts, the more we desire to be poor, free from attachment to earthly goods and ready to share them generously with others.” (SND Constitutions #20)

 Vow of Celibacy
“Our following of Jesus Christ in chastity frees the heart for greater love of God and people…It enables us to dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to the apostolic mission of the congregation.” (SND Constitutions #16)

Vow of Obedience
“In daily living, religious obedience implies that we participate fully in the life and apostolic service of our community. Jesus Christ who was sent by the Father is with us wherever we are sent by the congregation.” (SND Constitutions #34)