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2019 Jubilee

A Jubilee marks the anniversary of profession of vows. In 2019, we celebrate the following Jubilarians and their continued commitment to proclaim God's goodness and provident care.

Sister Mary Bernard Clare Budde
Jubilee Of Grace ~ 70 Years

Sister Mary Bernard Clare (Margaret Mary) Budde was born on April 12, 1927, the second of five children of Bernard and Clara Budde. She was baptized on Easter Sunday, April 17, 1927 at Sacred Heart Church in Bellevue, KY by her uncle, Reverend Henry Heringhaus, who was then pastor. Her parents helped to establish St. Catherine Church in Fort Thomas, but since there was no school, she attended Sacred Heart Elementary School in Bellevue and then Notre Dame Academy. When she was a senior her father died. After graduation she attended Villa Madonna College (Thomas More University) for one year and then entered the community of the Sisters of Notre Dame on September 8, 1946. She made her final vows in 1954. She began her sixty years of teaching elementary school as a novice at St. Martin School in Cheviot, Ohio and taught many years in elementary schools in the Dioceses of Covington and Lexington, Kentucky, and Birmingham, Alabama. Her most fulfilling ministry was the ten years she spent teaching the visually impaired students at Mother of God School and later at Sacred Heart. The past five years have been a total gift to her good God and to all in Lourdes Hall Healthcare.

Sister Mary Jean Ann Luken
Iron Jubilee ~ 65 Years

Sister Mary Jean Ann (Florence) Luken was born on Pentecost, May 23, 1926, the seventh child of Anna Elizabeth (Meyer) and John Bernard Luken. She was baptized at St. Augustine Church, Covington, KY and attended St. Augustine School, Notre Dame Academy, and Villa Madonna College (Thomas More University). She entered the novitiate at St. Joseph Heights and made final profession on August 25, 1954. Her sister, Loretta, Sister Mary Josine, was also a member of the Sisters of Notre Dame. Sister Jean Ann was missioned as school secretary and part-time teacher at Notre Dame Academy, and later as systems manager. She served as accountant at St. Charles Nursing Home (St. Charles Community), and later as business manager. She was the accountant at St. Claire Hospital (St. Claire HealthCare) in Morehead, Kentucky. Sister Jean Ann returned to St. Joseph Heights in 2004. For some time she volunteered at Catholic Social Services and St. Elizabeth Hospital (St. Elizabeth Healthcare). She enjoys reading and crocheting, and volunteering at St. Elizabeth Healthcare in Edgewood, Kentucky.

Sister Mary Helen Joseph Riehle
Iron Jubilee ~ 65 Years

Sister Mary Helen Joseph (Bernice) Riehle is the youngest of five children born to Leo and Emma Riehle. She was baptized at St. Andrew Church in Milford, OH. Before her first birthday, her family moved to Loveland, OH. She went to St. Columban School where she had Sisters of Notre Dame as teachers. After completing the eighth grade, she became an aspirant and went to Notre Dame Academy. She entered the Sisters of Notre Dame during her senior year and made her first vows in August of 1954.

She spent the next two years as a childcare worker at St. Aloysius Orphanage in Cincinnati. After that she transferred to St. Joseph Heights. During these years she had various duties, such as housekeeping, laundry, linen room, and dining room. Presently she is responsible for the dining room. She has been very happy in this work and thanks God for his many blessings during all these years.

Sister Marianna Rumpke
Iron Jubilee ~ 65 Years

Sister Marianna (formerly Herman Joseph) Rumpke was born on August 15, 1933 the seventh of the eight children born to Mary and Herman Rumpke. Mary Ann received the sacraments of initiation at St. Charles, Carthage, Ohio where she attended grade school. Her high school education was at Our Lady of the Angels, St. Bernard, Ohio. After high school, Mary Ann worked for about six months before entering the Sisters of Notre Dame. She received her B.S. from Our Lady of Cincinnati College and her M.A. in education from Eastern Kentucky University. Sister Marianna’s first love was teaching the primary grades which she did in many schools in Ohio, Kentucky, and Alabama. She was also principal for many years. Sister Marianna is grateful for the many opportunities she has had, especially preparing children for their First Communion. She now shares her gift of needle work and her love for art.

Sister Mary Elaine Krebs
Diamond Jubilee ~ 60 Years

Sister Mary Elaine (formerly deAngelo) Krebs was born on June 6, 1930 to Stephen and Caroline (Ortlieb) Krebs, the middle of five siblings. Ruth Elaine was baptized at Corpus Christi Church and received her elementary education at St. Stephen in Newport, Kentucky and her high school education at Notre Dame Academy. After high school Ruth took a cosmetology course and was a successful beautician for several years before entering the community on September 8, 1956. She professed first vows on August 16, 1959. Sister Mary Elaine received her B.A. from Villa Madonna College (Thomas More University) and her M.A. from the University of Kentucky. She taught primary grades most of her life, twenty of which were spent at St. Therese in Southgate, Kentucky. Sister Elaine came to St. Joseph Heights in 2008. She is a blessing to the Lourdes Hall community. 

Sister Mary Sharron Goller
Diamond Jubilee ~ 60 Years

Sister Mary Sharron (Elizabeth Ann) Goller was born into a typical Irish family with a smidgen of German influence provided by her father. When her father lost his job during the Depression, her parents, William and Margaret (Connolly) Goller moved in with her mother’s unmarried brother and sister.  After many prayers and novenas, Elizabeth Ann was born, the oldest child, then came Margaret Mary (Murphy), and last but not least, Bill. She, along with her siblings, attended St. Agnes School in Bond Hill. Here she became acquainted with the Sisters of Notre Dame.  After eighth grade, she became an aspirant, attended Notre Dame Academy, and as a senior in high school, became a postulant. She received her college education at Villa Madonna College (Thomas More University), receiving a B.A. in elementary education.  She received her M.A. from the University of Kentucky and received further education at Xavier University. Sister Mary Sharron taught at various schools in the Diocese of Covington and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. She was principal at Prince of Peace, Covington, St. Bernard Taylor Creek, and St. Charles in Carthage.  Today, she enjoys ministering at Holy Cross High School as a tutor and grant writer. Sister Mary Sharron also enjoys visiting with her family, celebrating the birthdays of her eleven great nieces and nephews, and keeping up with the adventures of her growing family.

Sister Mary Noella McEntee
Diamond Jubilee ~ 60 Years

Sister Mary Noella (Margaret) McEntee was born on April 27, 1939 to Thomas and Mary (Kumpf) McEntee. She is the second oldest of five children. She attended St. Agnes School in Fort Wright, KY and Notre Dame Academy, class of 1957. During her high school years, she was an aspirant. She entered the Sisters of Notre Dame on February 2, 1957 and professed vows on August 16, 1959. She served in various ministries of the Sisters of Notre Dame.

In 1998 she began working as a support services provider for North Key, a Northern Kentucky mental health agency. Her services enabled her clients to remain in their homes. Her gentle care contributed to the well-being of mentally or physically challenged adults. Currently she is in charge of the sewing room at St. Joseph Heights. In addition to sewing for the Sisters of Notre Dame, she and lay volunteers make clothing for children at the Uganda mission, as well as for children in local and Eastern Kentucky parishes and ministries. She has been in charge of the sewing room for several years and continues to enjoy serving the needs of others.

Sister Mary Joell Overman
Diamond Jubilee ~ 60 Years

Sister Mary Joell (Helen) Overman, together with her older sisters, Elsie and Mary, formed the happy family of Joseph and Elizabeth Overman.  Born and raised in Northern Kentucky, Helen attended Saint Augustine School, Covington, and graduated later from Notre Dame Academy.

In September 1956, she entered the Sisters of Notre Dame and was given  the name Sister Mary Joell in honor of her parents Joseph and Elizabeth. Sister received her B.A. in Business Education from Villa Madonna College (Thomas More University). For eight years, she enjoyed teaching at St. Agnes School, Fort Wright, Notre Dame Academy, Bishop Brossart High School and Carroll High School, Dayton, Ohio. After receiving her Master of Hospital Administration at St. Louis University in 1969, she served as administrator of St. Claire Hospital (St. Claire HealthCare) in Morehead, Kentucky for fourteen years.

In 1983, she left St. Claire to become the Provincial Superior of the Sisters of Notre Dame, Covington. At the 1986 General Chapter in Rome, she was elected Superior General of the worldwide Congregation of Sisters of Notre Dame. During her twelve years in this ministry, she initiated the founding of the first SND African missions in Tanzania, Mozambique, and Uganda, and a mission in mainland China.  After her return from Rome, she pursued research on the early beginnings of the Congregation and participated in the training of facilitators for an on-going congregational formation program on the Spirituality of the Sisters of Notre Dame. Currently she serves as Local Coordinator of the Provincial House community. 

Sister Mary Ruth Lubbers
Golden Jubilee ~ 50 Years

Sister Mary Ruth (Formerly Tomas) Lubbers was born in Covington on January 14, 1948 and was raised there. She is the seventh of eleven children born to Joe and Ethel Lubbers. After attending Lewisburg Kindergarten, Ruth continued her education at St. John School, where the Sisters of Notre Dame were her teachers. Following in her older sisters’ footsteps, Ruth attended Notre Dame Academy, though living at St. Joseph Heights as an SND Aspirant. In September 1966, Ruth entered the Sisters of Notre Dame and made her first profession of vows August 11, 1969. Sister Ruth earned her B.A. in Elementary Education in 1973 from Thomas More College (Thomas More University) and her M.A. of Educational Administration from Xavier University in 1983. She ministered in various schools in the Dioceses of Covington and Lexington as teacher and principal. She also taught in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. In more recent years, she serves as Vocation Director, and works in young adult ministry and as a spiritual director. Sister Ruth is grateful to her family, community and all those who have touched her life with the presence and peace of God. She wishes the same for all of them.

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