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Arusha, Tanzania- Sisters of Notre Dame celebrate the formation of the Holy Spirit Delegation

East Africa Delegation

The Sisters of Notre Dame mission in Uganda opened in 1995 under the sponsorship of the Covington, KY and Thousand Oaks, CA provinces. It has grown over the past two decades because of the support of our generous partners in mission. The prayers, financial contributions, and volunteer services of our partners have helped to educate thousands of Ugandan children and have assisted our brothers and sisters in East Africa to share in the fullness of life God intends for all of us.

The Sisters of Notre Dame from the Patna, India, province have also impacted the lives of many in East Africa. The Patna province began missions in Tanzania in 1992 and Kenya in 2001.

Due to the wonderful growth of the missions in Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya, the SND congregational leadership decided the missions were ready to become a General Delegation under the sponsorship of the General Government in Rome. 

An Historic Event

On May 24, 2015, in Arusha, Tanzania, and on the feast of Pentecost, the SND mission in Uganda joined the SND missions from Tanzania and Kenya to form the new Holy Spirit General Delegation, also called the East Africa Delegation. The formation of the delegation is the next step for Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya before they become a province.

Superior General Sister Mary Kristin Battles and Assistant General Sister Mary Sreeja Chittilappilly led the installation ceremony of the new delegation leadership team which includes:

  • Sister Mary Roshini (India)- Delegation Superior
  • Sister Mary Colette (U.S.)- First Assistant
  • Sister Mary Sawmya (India)- Councilor
  • Sister Mary Elizabeth (Kenya)- Councilor
  • Sister Mary Immaculate (Uganda)- Councilor

The creation of the Holy Spirit General Delegation was an historic event for the SND congregation, as it was the first time a unit was comprised of sisters from six different countries. Members of the delegation came from India, the United States, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, and Germany.

We congratulate our sisters ministering in Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya as they continue to grow and flourish in the mission of Jesus in East Africa.