What We Do

Social Services

"Preach the Gospel and use words if you must." ~Attributed to St. Francis

As Sisters of Notre Dame we are compelled by a passion for Christ and compassion for humanity to engage in social ministries that contribute to the transformation of the world. Through social service ministry, we are sensitive to the dignity of every human person and strive to recognize the face of Jesus in those we serve.

The Sisters of Notre Dame sponsor specific institutional areas of social ministry, such as education and healthcare services. However, we often become aware of human need and situations beyond these formal structures that we desire to address in order to serve Jesus' mission.

Serving Others, Serving Jesus' Mission

In addition to daily ministries, many active and retired Sisters of Notre Dame share their time and passion at local and national social service agencies. Their service extends, but is not limited to:

  • Homeless outreach agencies
  • Food pantries
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Learning centers

Partner with SND Social Service Outreach

The Blessing Project

The Blessing Project is an SND ministry that provides seasonal items to individuals experiencing homelessness or poverty in the Northern Kentucky urban core. Throughout the year, the Blessing Project team launches special collections and outreach in response to the community's needs at that time. Click here to learn about the current Blessing Project collection.