What We Do

Spiritual Direction

The Sisters of Notre Dame offer spiritual direction to women and men of all ages.

What is spiritual direction?

God has placed within you a longing for God.

In spiritual direction or companioning, you have the opportunity to share with a companion or guide about that longing and ways to be open to God in response.

Your spiritual director or companion walks with you and listens to your spiritual journey and helps you to recognize God's presence and abundant love and forgiveness more clearly.

What does spiritual direction entail?

Typically, you meet with your spiritual director once a month in person. Because of schedules and travel, we have done spiritual direction sessions through video conference programs.

During your session, you discuss your life circumstances, reflect on spiritual matters, and review progress and challenges in your ongoing following of Jesus. At times, your director/companion challenges you in responding more openly or generously to God by offering suggestions. Everything shared in spiritual direction is confidential.

Who are spiritual directors?

Spiritual directors are individuals trained in the art and skill of direction. At the Covington Province of the Sisters of Notre Dame, Sr. Ruth Lubbers and Sr. Marla Monahan serve as spiritual directors/companions.

How does one sign up?

Anyone who desires to grow in her/his relationship with God can engage in spiritual direction. To sign up or learn more, contact Sr. Ruth Lubbers, SND, at 859-291-2040.


"I love, absolutely love, the privilege of being in a spiritual direction relationship with an SND Sister. Sister’s prayerful contemplative spirit often calms my troubled spirit and highlights for me the loving workings of the Spirit of God in my life. She has become for me an “emissary of God’s love”; one who through her hospitality and attentive listening continues to help me find the path to life and hopefully fullness of joy forever. Thank you, again, thank you."

"I have been attending spiritual direction for several weeks. We discuss what The Spirit puts on my heart and leverage Ignatian spirituality to understand what He may be saying/asking. This approach and the spiritual director’s support have been vital to my relationships, career, and self-identity. I am eternally grateful and highly recommend it. Like much of life, it can be one of the greatest experiences—if you let the Lord lead."

"Spiritual direction with a Sister of Notre Dame is calm and spiritually sensible. Sister’s listening and response of wisdom continually refocuses and grounds me to a simpler way of life, reminding me that God’s will for my life is present to me here and now. Her Spiritual Direction is hopeful, creative, and renewing, and every meeting is reverent with a proper sanctity, opened and closed with prayer."