What We Do


The more interiorly still we become, the more open we will be to the Holy Spirit. Such openness makes us attentive to the signs of the times and inspires us to be a prophetic witness to the reign of God. (SND Constitutions #42)

As Sisters of Notre Dame, we devote ourselves to prayer as a vital means of knowing, loving and serving our good God. We consider it a sacred trust to include in our prayers our families, friends, and benefactors, as well as those who have asked for our prayers. Jesus himself taught us how to pray and tells us quite simply, "Ask and you shall receive."

Let us pray for you. Click here to send your prayer requests.

Prayer can be defined as "a lifting up of our mind and heart to God."

It sounds so simple yet so profound.

Prayer is our lifeline to God. We can speak to God and unburden our hearts to God. We can know that God cares for us like a parent cares for their child. 

Prayer permeates every aspect of our spiritual life. It is the voice of someone to say the words we cannot speak.

It is a spirit of reconciliation we so desire, but lack the courage to express.

It is a "bridge over troubled water" that helps us bridge the gap from brokeness to wholeness.

It is the life of God's Spirit within us.

It is love, reconciliation, adoration that opens the door to the heart of Christ that we may enter in.