Ways to Give

Donation FAQ

Toward which ministry funds can I designate my donation?

• Greatest Needs

Designating your donation to the greatest needs of the Sisters of Notre Dame supports the operation of our ministries in education, healthcare, and social justice outreach

• Retirement

Donations designated to retirement are invested in the SND Retirement Fund, which allows the Covington Province to plan for current and future retirement needs.

• Uganda Mission

Donating to the Uganda Mission advances the work of our sisters at the schools, farm, and formation center in Uganda, East Africa.

How do I submit my donation?

There are several ways you can donate to the Sisters of Notre Dame: 

• Online

Donate online by credit card or through your bank account at https://sndky.weshareonline.org/

• By Mail

Send your preferred method of payment and contact information to:

Sisters of Notre Dame
Office of Mission Advancement
1601 Dixie Highway
Covington, KY 41011

Checks, cash, credit card, and money order are accepted. Please make checks payable to "Sisters of Notre Dame" and denote greatest needs, retirement, or Uganda on the memo line. 

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, donations are tax deductible in the year in which the gift is made. Please supply your full contact information when contributing to the Sisters of Notre Dame, so that we may send you a letter acknowledging your gift.

What security measures are in place to protect my information?

The Office of Mission Advancement and Office of Finance work in tandem to record and deposit donations to the Covington Sisters of Notre Dame. The Office of Mission Advancement maintains business records for donations should we need to provide information for an audit. Some things to note about our donation records:

• Donation Files

Our donation files include remittance materials (donation envelope, notes to indicate proper designation), copies of signed thank you/tax letters, WeShare online donation receipts (these list donor name, donation amount, donation date, and fund designation-no credit card or bank information), and copies of checks for donations received before 2017. Donation files are stored in a room that remains locked overnight. The provincial, mission advancement staff, and finance staff are the only individuals that access these files. 

• Credit Cards

Donation files do not include credit card numbers. Donations made by credit card are processed by the Office of Finance as soon as they are received, meaning they do not sit in an inbox. Once the donation transaction is completed, credit card numbers are blacked out and shredded.

• Checks

In 2016 we stopped copying checks for donation files. Now, should we need to reference a donation check, we request a copy from our banks, just as one can do with a personal bank account.

• Online Donations

Online donations are made through the secure donation site WeShareOnline.org, which is a subsidiary of Liturgical Publications, Inc. The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council has various security level rankings. WeShare is ranked Level 1 (the most rigorous). 

• Database

The Covington Sisters of Notre Dame Office of Mission Advancement uses GiftWorks donor database to record donation details. Accessing the GiftWorks database is a multi-step password-protected login process. GiftWorks complies with the E-U US Privacy Shield Framework set forth by the US Department of Commerce. No credit card information is entered in GiftWorks.