Ugandan SNDs visit KY in May

Posted on: May 20, 2016 10:00 am
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Four Sisters of Notre Dame from the mission in Uganda, East Africa arrived in Kentucky on Saturday, May 14, 2016. Over the course of two weeks, they will visit the Covington, Chardon, Toledo, and California Provinces. As you can see below, their visit has included some sight-seeing, but also faith-filled fellowship with our longtime partners...and many new friends.

Meet the Sisters

Sister Mary Sunday and Sister Anita Marie teach at St. Julie Primary School in Buseesa. Sister Violet Marie teaches at Notre Dame Senior Secondary Academy in Buseesa. Sister Mary Juliet teaches at the nursery school in Mpala, near the capital of Kampala.

Left to right: Sr. Mary Sunday, Sr. Violet Marie, Sr. Margaret Agnes Hemmerle (Covington SND), Sr. Mary Juliet, Sr. Anita Marie

Interview with The Messenger

Laura Keener and David Cooley, Editor and Assistant Editor of The Messenger, interviewed the sisters from Uganda over lunch.

New Friends in Covington

After enjoying dinner at the SND National Novitiate House in Covington, KY, the sisters stepped outside to enjoy the pleasant evening. Across the street, two young people were practicing for color guard. After watching Ariel and Jayden throw their flags as high as their house, the Ugandan sisters and the US novices applauded their talent and invited the two to come say hi. The encounter was more than just a friendly introduction. Ariel and Jayden expressed their desire to appreciate and love all people. They said they wanted to be open to learning more about others' backgrounds and to know them and love them because of their inherent worth. This sounded very much like the SND charism and how the Sisters of Notre Dame are "missioned to incarnate the love of our good and provident God."

Left to right: Sr. Anita Marie, Sr. Mary Sunday, Jayden, Ariel, Sr. Violet Marie, Sr. Mary Juliet

How can I keep from dancing?

The sisters also graced Sisters Marla, Mary Rose, Nicole Marie, Mayra Marie, and Mary Dennise with their dancing and singing skills. We wish their talent could be as contagious as their joy.

City Heights Visit

In the video below, Srs. Mary Sunday, Mary Juliet, Anita Marie, and Violet Marie sing at City Heights in Covington, KY. Associate Ruth Averdick, who volunteers at City Heights, took the sisters to meet her friends and show them some of the services and housing accommodations offered.

Ruth said, "It was the best part of my week so far! To see two different worlds come together and realize they were very much the same in many ways. The people at City Heights were very impressed with the sisters and honored that they took the time to visit their world."

jean-Claude Niyigarura
Date: on October 11, 2017

Very great !

Turinawe Michael
Date: on June 2, 2016

wow, its great to see our dear srs there! wish God's most abundant blessings!

Gerald Muhanguzi, CPA
Date: on June 1, 2016

Webale caali! Sisters of Notre Dame!! As seniors phase out i can see young blood taking the mantle. God Bless!

Sr. Fredricka Kollsmith, SND
Date: on May 23, 2016

We are so eager to have you join us at our SND Center home. Safe travels!

Sister Mary Colette
Date: on May 22, 2016

I can see that our wonderful Ugandan sisters are enjoying themselves tremendously. We miss them, but know that they are gaining so much by meeting the wonderful people of Covington!

Sr. Mary Sunday,SND
Date: on May 21, 2016

Wow!!!!!!!What a joy to see all these wonderful amazing things!!!Everyone and everything is just amazing.Thanks a lot for the joy. You are so technical.

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