Two women to volunteer in Uganda

Posted on: August 17, 2017 11:00 am
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From May-August 2017, Sr. Mary Judith Averbeck was in Kentucky on home visit, which takes place every two years. When she returns to the SND mission in Uganda on August 24, she will not be alone. Micaela Dyson and Marilyn Keller will travel with Sr. Judith to volunteer at the SND mission in Uganda.

Micaela and Marilyn were invited by the Covington Province and East Africa Delegation to volunteer at St. Julie Mission in Buseesa, Uganda. They will assist primarily in the classrooms, as well as on the large farm and with general mission upkeep. Please pray for Micaela, Marilyn, and the St. Julie Mission sisters and students.

Micaela Dyson

Hometown Elyria, Ohio

Education Ohio Virtual Academy and University of Akron

What prompted you to volunteer? I have felt called to serve in mission work since I was a child. I love to teach, love working with my hands, and most of all, I love spreading the love and joy of our beautiful Catholic faith. I got involved with the SNDs in January through a service trip. When the opportunity to serve in Uganda presented itself, something got very excited in my heart. I do not know where God is calling me in the future, but the call to serve in Uganda this year is very strong.

Volunteering August 2017-August 2018

Marilyn Keller

Hometown Lawrenceburg, KY

Education St. Henry District HS and Indiana University

What prompted you to volunteer? I truly believe I am being called to serve God in mission work. That calling has followed me for the past two years. I have investigated many missions trying to determine where to apply my skills and energy. When I discovered the Sisters of Notre Dame in Uganda, it seemed apparent that this could be a very holy way to fulfill my calling.

Volunteering August 2017-May 2018

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