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Posted on: September 12, 2016 2:00 pm
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Addison and Asher's last day of school in spring 2016.

by Emily Edmondson 

Alex and Emily Edmondson’s twin children attend Julie Learning Center (JLC), located on the ground floor of the Covington Provincial Center. Addison and Asher began their second year at JLC this fall. Over the summer, Emily reflected on her family’s experience at JLC. 

We became familiar with Julie Learning Center because our oldest daughters attended St. Agnes School and Notre Dame Academy. All of the families we know who have sent their children to JLC rave about it, so when an opening came available we were in!

After learning more about JLC, the deciding factors for us were the organization of the classroom, the disciplinary practices, and the emphasis on faith.

At JLC I see the SND mission in action daily. The teachers are focused on being a vessel of Catholic learning to our children. The respect that they earn and the lessons that they plan are built on a Catholic foundation that is engrained into our children.

The interactions with the Sisters of Notre Dame have been wonderful. My daughter shares her love of learning with the sisters, reading stories and just listening. We attended an event at SND and it was awesome, my children loved it. They love to visit the elderly sisters at the convent and sing to them. I wish there were more Sisters throughout the school systems.

For me, the value of JLC being an SND-sponsored institution is...beyond value. The teachings are solid and the foundation of a lifelong Catholic faith is evident.

Our experiences with the teachers and administration have been the best. The leadership is the most valuable possession at JLC. The newsletters and photos we receive from them keep us in touch, and as parents, we love it. Of all the teachers my children have had between four daycares, these are influences that they will never forget. 

My son has a tendency to push the boundary, however, with compassion and having explained consequences of actions, he has grown into a much more gentle and sweet boy. My daughter feels complete trust in her teachers, and enjoys playing games with them, but especially making them proud.

Addison and Asher know the teachers so well. After school they tell the funniest stories and share what they learned. I could not be happier with the experience and wish we had started them at age 3. After this year, my children will miss it dearly. We plan to make the most of our upcoming year. 

The relationships they have made and the values fostered within my children are permanent, and I cannot thank JLC enough.

We are forever grateful for the experience and are already looking forward to the upcoming year with everyone.


Julie Learning Center is a sponsored institution of the Sisters of Notre Dame.

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