St. Claire provides more than $20 million in community benefits

Posted on: April 4, 2016 1:00 pm
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St. Claire Regional Medical Center (SCR), a Sisters of Notre Dame sponsored institution, provided $20.2 million in community benefits to its service region last year, according to its 2015 Community Benefit Report.

“Community benefit activities are an integral part of St. Claire Regional’s mission and vision,” said Tom Lewis, St. Claire Foundation executive director. “They focus on collaboration and improving the health and well-being of our region in ways that go above and beyond what would be expected of any healthcare provider.”

SCR’s community benefits are based on Catholic Health Association and American Hospital Association guidelines, Lewis said. They generally respond to a community need and meet at least one of the following criteria:

• Do not generate profit.
• Respond to needs of special populations, such as the underinsured or uninsured, the elderly or minorities.
• Involve education or research.
• Supply services that would likely be discontinued if the decision were made on a purely financial basis.

According to SCR’s report, $1.3 million in benefits were provided to the medically uninsured and underinsured, including charity care (at cost) and government reimbursements that fell short of the actual cost of care for Medicaid recipients.

SCR provided another $3.2 million in uncompensated care, which was the cost of services to individuals who were unable or unwilling to pay and did not officially meet traditional charity care guidelines. Last year’s Medicare shortfall represented $6.1 million of unpaid costs when federal reimbursement fell short of the actual cost of care provided by SCR, according to the report.

The report said that SCR provided another $9.6 million in benefits to the broader community, including community support and partnerships, donations, health professions education and research. The $169,000 in community support and partnerships that SCR provided encompassed activities and programs to improve community health, such as health fairs and screenings, free sports physicals for area students and support groups for patients and families in areas like hospice and diabetes education.

SCR provided $2.8 million in health professions education, including physician and medical student training, nurse development, scholarship support and professional medical education. “The educational development and continuing professional training of healthcare personnel is crucial in improving our community’s health,” Lewis said.

SCR also provided $6.6 million in subsidized health services, which means they were offered despite a negative margin because they were needed in the region and otherwise would not have been available, Lewis said. SCR made nearly $74,000 in cash and in-kind donations directly to programs, organizations and foundations serving this region.

To view SCR’s Community Benefits Report for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2015, go to

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