Sr. Joan Terese retires from Archives

Posted on: February 18, 2021 12:00 pm
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Sister Mary Joan Terese Niklas was the Covington SND Archivist from 2006-2020.

SNDs have been in Covington since 1874. 147 years and hundreds of sisters later, one can imagine the records, photos, and mementos that have accumulated.

From 2006 until October 2020, Sr. Joan Terese Niklas has organized and shared these historical souvenirs as archivist at St. Joseph Heights. She said working in the archives has been one of her favorite ministries, partly due to the connections it has brought her.

“Sometimes people came to me when they were working on their family tree and had a sister who was a relative,” Sr. Joan Terese explained. “My thing was not so much to have everything labeled and in a drawer, but to get it out and share it with other people.”

She accomplished this by creating displays, writing articles, and serving as a liaison to numerous individuals and organizations.

In October 2020, Sr. Joan Terese retired as archivist, handing off the baton to Sr. Margaret Droege.

We thank Sr. Joan Terese for her service to the SND community...and to so many history buffs and genealogical researchers.

Prior to becoming archivist, Sr. Joan Terese was a teacher and director of religious education (DRE). Once while DRE, she was informed a deaf student would attend her class the next year.

“I thought I better start studying sign language!” Sr. Joan Terese said. And so, she learned sign language only to find out the student was going to another parish. “Still, I stuck with it and ended up working in student support services at Gateway Community and Technical College. I assisted some of the students I taught as DRE years before! The providence of how it all wound up was just so special.”

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Sister Margaret Droge
Date: 2 weeks ago

Sister, some of us girls who were at St. Joseph Orphanage had Miss Maggie for sewing.I found her on the 1940 census. The question we have is about how long was Maggie at the orphanage. I haven’t found earlier records, but was told many years ago that she grew up there and just stayed as an adult. Do you know if there is any other info in the archives? Kathy and I found her grave at St. Joe’s Cemetery where even her headstone has her as Miss Maggie Gerhardt. Thank you for any info you have. Barbara Ryan Gregory

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