Spreading kindness on 9/11

Posted on: September 17, 2018 2:00 pm
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Sister Mary Joenita Schlueter hands off the sweet treats to a Park Hills police officer.

We Sisters of Notre Dame strive to make acts of kindness part of our everyday life. Even in retirement sisters frequently engage in acts of charity among themselves and to people outside their home. Physical limitations do not limit our sisters' desire to do good works. In fact, the daily activity program offered in our Lourdes Hall Care Center includes opportunities to help others, in addition to the social and entertaining activities. 

Sisters in Lourdes Hall recently wanted to reach out to others. One sister was aware of the push to "do good" on September 11 ( in order to spread kindness and counteract fear. The sisters decided on a sweet and simple way to pay it forward it on 9/11: They decorated sugar cookies for the first responders in Park Hills, Kentucky.

What are some ways you and your loved ones have paid it forward? We are always looking for ideas and are encouraged by the good deeds of our friends. 

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