SND Vocation Directors meet in Covington

Posted on: July 28, 2015 5:00 pm
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SND*USA Vocation Directors, left to right, Sr. Mary Teresita Richards, Sr. Kathleen Mary Hine, Sr. Val Marie Roxburgh, and Sr. Mary Ruth Lubbers.

New vocation website to launch in fall 2015

Before convening with more than 400 fellow Sisters of Notre Dame in Columbus, OH, the four U.S. vocation directors came together in Covington, Kentucky.

Sr. Valerie Marie Roxburgh (Thousand Oaks, CA), Sr. Kathleen Mary Hine (Chardon, OH), Sr. Mary Teresita Richards (Toledo, OH), and Sr. Mary Ruth Lubbers (Covington, KY) met from July 20-22 to edit the in-the-works SND vocation website and discuss young adult ministry. The website has been an ongoing collaboration between the four provinces’ vocation offices and communication staff. 

The goal of the website is to bring SND vocation outreach under one digital roof. Having a one-stop shop that incorporates messaging from each province promotes a more complete experience of what it means to be a Sister of Notre Dame in the United States. It also ensures that a consistent message is delivered to all visitors, no matter where they are from.

The development of the site has been a joint effort in every facet despite the physical distance between everyone involved. When all four directors were finally together in one room, we sat down with the group and asked, “What has creating a new website been like for you?” 

Sr. Mary Ruth Lubbers: “It has been energizing to see it come together. It was crazy in the beginning!”

Sr. Kathleen Mary Hine: “It’s still crazy!”

Sr. Mary Teresita Richards: “Part of our homework was to look at each other’s sites and choose which components we liked best.”

Sr. Kathleen Mary Hine: “And when we can’t meet face-to-face to discuss these components, we Skype.”

Sr. Val Marie Roxburgh: “It has been a positive experience working together. Chloe Vieira, the California communications director, has been really instrumental.”

Sr. Mary Ruth Lubbers: “Exactly, it feels like SNDUSA is calling all of us to work together. We realize we need to have something appealing and accessible to young adults.”

The website is expected to launch in fall 2015, but already the four provinces offer various means of outreach to young adults and avenues for connecting with one another through the Sisters of Notre Dame.

Sr. Val Marie Roxburgh: “I work part-time at a local parish in California and the pastor is really pro-vocation. In fact, he is on-board with us starting a ‘Salsa and Scripture’ series next month at the parish.”

Sr. Kathleen Mary Hine: “We are all working within the vocation ministry, but it connects to young adult ministry. We are trying to offer up a variety of opportunities for people to see where God is meeting them--retreats, dinners, service.”

Sr. Mary Teresita Richards: “Many of our events and retreats are an opportunity for women to live in community for a short period of time.”

Sr. Val Marie Roxburgh: “What we do in vocation outreach is very much in line with what Pope Francis is calling the Church to do. We are helping people encounter Christ. Vocation comes from God, not us doing a good sales pitch!”

The vocation directors' enthusiasm could not be denied as they discussed the new website, current young adult outreach, and engaging ways to put people in touch with Christ and the Church community. Although the four U.S. provinces will formally unite as one several years from now, we are already bearing the fruits of collaborating and partnering together in support of our shared mission. 

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