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Posted on: June 3, 2015 2:00 pm
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The Covington Sisters of Notre Dame are looking for a few helping hands on the nature trail. No green thumb required!

The St. Joseph Heights Provincial Center is home to a beautiful nature trail. It includes a bird blind, walking trails, outdoor classrooms, and educational signs. Schools and community groups attend field trips at the trail, complete with lesson plans created by Sisters of Notre Dame.

As the wildflowers spread, the trees shed a branch here and there, and weeds poke their way onto the walking trails, maintenance is needed. Sr. Ann Marie Pflum will begin trail upkeep this summer and would love your help with the following!

  • Weeding the trails 
  • Putting down wood chips
  • Clearing area around bird feeders 
  • Removing branches along the main trail
  • Removing invasive plants along the trail, such as wild roses, honeysuckle and thistle

If you would like to help with trail clean-up and maintenance, please contact Sr. Ann Marie at with the following information:

Volunteer names
Availability (days and time of day)

Thank you!

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