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Posted on: September 8, 2016 2:00 pm
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On September 7, 2016, a group of sisters who reside in Lourdes Hall Care Center visited St. Charles Community (SCC) in Covington, KY.

Marilyn Polley, a Notre Dame Associate, and Sr. Mary Luann Bender, Mission and Ministry Coordinator at SCC, arranged the visit, so that sisters could meet residents, tour the remodeled facilities, and enjoy an afternoon out.

The sisters who visited were Sisters Mary Francello Orth, Mary Rosanne Boh, Mary Joenita Schlueter, Mary Lea Paolucci, Mary Sebastien Schmidt, Mary Joanne Lutkenhoff, Mary Ann Catherine Wehry, Mary Ann Christine Kathman, Mary Rose Paula Foltz, Dolores Marie Boemker, Mary Norene McCormack, and Lea Marie Knochelmann. 

Assisting with the visit were Sisters Mary Pat Bruemmer, Mary Ruth Lubbers, Mayra Martinez, and Mary Lourita Warken, as well as SND Activities Coordinator, Laurie Rauen, Mission Advancement Assistant, Margie Schnelle, and Associates Ruth Averdick, Tina Bernheimer, and Marilyn Polley.

All Aboard!

Following lunch in Lourdes Hall, the travel group boarded the Associates' cars and the new SND wheelchair-accessible bus, which the Covington Province was able to purchase thanks to a grant from an anonymous source. Upon arriving at St. Charles, Sr. Mary Luann led the group on a detailed tour of the Summer Cottage, the Autumn Inn, and the chapel.

Sr. Mary Luann was the perfect hostess. She introduced sisters to residents and staff and explained that many of the staff members have been with St. Charles from 15 to 30 years. In fact, Sr. Mary Luann has served at St. Charles for almost 40 years. Along the tour, sisters also learned that St. Charles serves approximately 700 residents each year and are currently building 18 new cottages.

The Chapel

One of the most informative stops on the tour was in the chapel. Here, the group learned about several items with interesting histories.

For instance, the white statue of Mary in the chapel once adorned the yard of Notre Dame Associate Ruth Mulloy. She donated the statue to St. Charles, not expecting it to end up in the chapel. Bob Simon, a partner of the Sisters of Notre Dame, recruited a friend and together they fixed up the statue, painted it white, and created a base for it with the Notre Dame logo. This was all unbeknownst to Mrs. Mulloy. St. Charles Community invited Mrs. Mulloy to May Crowning at the chapel. When she saw the work the men had put into the statue and watched her granddaughter crown Mary, she was overcome with tears of joy...and surprise!

The tabernacle in the St. Charles chapel came from St. Joseph Orphanage, which began in 1849 and combined with St. John Orphanage in 1961 to become the Diocesan Catholic Children's Home (DCCH). When the chapel was built, DCCH graciously donated the tabernacle to St. Charles.

Another donated item with a notable history was the chapel's crucifix. The crucifix originated in Germany and was brought by boat to America with Mrs. Baldwina Goebel Hanses. Mrs. Hanses was the sister of Father Anthony Goebel. Father Goebel served as pastor at St. John Parish in Covington, KY for 44 years beginning in 1909. Eventually Mrs. Hanses' son and Father Goebel's nephew, Father Henry Hanses, became pastor at St. John. Father Hanses' mother gave him the crucifix from Germany, which he later gave to Father Weber, who succeeded him as pastor at St. John. Father Weber later became chaplain at St. Charles Community and donated the crucifix to the St. Charles chapel in 1991. 

The People

After leaving the chapel, the group visited residents at the adult day facility and met staff in the state-of-the-art rehabilitation center.

Between stops, Sr. Dolores Marie Boemker saw a familiar face. Mildred McCabe, a very dear friend of Sr. Dolores's sister-in-law, is a resident at St. Charles. She and Sr. Dolores hugged and began sharing memories. The reunion brought a smile to Sr. Dolores's face for the remainder of the visit. 

Father Robert Rosing, a face that is familiar to all of the sisters, also came to greet the group. At the end of their visit he waved to them as they boarded the bus and drove off. Father Rosing is one of six priests residing at St. Charles. He and Father Leo Schmidt share in daily services for the residents.

After the visit, the sisters and associates commented on how welcoming the staff and residents were, as well as how nice it was to see the changes that have recently taken place and are underway at St. Charles.

Ed Wilz
Date: on September 9, 2016

Sr Luan has been a great leader of SCC for over 40 years. Thanks.

Date: on September 9, 2016


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