Sisters' memories of Mother Teresa's visit

Posted on: September 4, 2016 10:00 am

Sr. M. Helen Joseph Riehle, SND

My memory of Mother Teresa’s visit to Covington… Her life was threatened. It was believed that some people did not want her Sisters in Jenkins, where they were planning on making a foundation. That was the reason for the secrecy of where Mother Teresa was staying. She slept in Room 104 on the first floor of our provincial house. Police were on guard in that area throughout the night. Those of us who lived at the provincial house were able to shake Mother Teresa’s hand - in welcome - in the front lobby shortly before she was scheduled to leave for her talk at Covington Catholic High School. I’m thrilled to think that I shook the hand of a person who is going to be canonized a saint! She is a simple person. Of course, most of us went to the talk. However, I don’t remember anything Mother Teresa said to the large crowd in attendance! After the talk, Mother Teresa went to Jenkins. Later we discovered that the bed in Room 104 had not been used during the previous night. Mother Teresa preferred a simpler resting place overnight.

Sr. M. Claire Engbersen, SND

Memory of Mother Teresa’s Visit. I remember that Mother Teresa had a simple “suitcase,” possibly a cardboard box  with a handle. Sr. M. Joann Pitstick, our provincial superior, offered to give Mother Teresa a good suitcase, but Mother Teresa wouldn’t hear of it!

Sr. M. Rosetta Conrad, SND

I remember how lovingly and prayerfully Mother Teresa stopped at the casket of Sr. Antony Powers, whose visitation was held at the provincial house while Mother Teresa was residing there.

Sr. M. Margaret Agnes Hemmerle, SND

[Sister Hemmerle served within the SND Generalate in Rome for more than 50 years. She recalled her encounter with Mother Teresa.] 

On February 22, 1991, I had the opportunity of participating in Morning Prayer and Mass in the convent chapel of the Missionaries of Charity in Rome along with some seminarians from the North American College. One deepest impression was that to Mother Teresa and her Sisters, Jesus was all that mattered. Because of their love for Jesus, they went out to the poor to bring His love to them. It was so evident. What a witness!

After Mass the group of us met with Mother Teresa. So tiny and “huggable,” Mother Teresa, so gentle and simple! I was completely at ease, as if she were my mother or grandmother. Mother Teresa spoke to all of us so simply. She was holding my hand the whole time she spoke to us gathered in a circle, and that was about ten to fifteen minutes. I bent down to her because of her short stature, asked for her signature, and she gladly signed my Office Book. She gave each of us a medal of Our Lady. I was the last and so she gave me what she had left saying, “I will get some more.” This was one of my many treasured moments.

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