Partner Spotlight: Pete Nerone

Posted on: June 12, 2018 12:00 pm
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Pete Nerone, right, with Sr. Mary Rachel Nerone, center, at the September 2017 United in Prayer event at Main Strasse.

Meet Pete Nerone from Covington, KY.

Pete is a dear and longtime partner of the Sisters of Notre Dame. You may have seen him at a United in Prayer event, volunteering at the 4th of July Festival, or attending the Uganda Mission Pancake Breakfast. Mission Advancement staff asked Pete about his partnership with and role in the Notre Dame community. His responses were extremely humbling!

When did you first meet the Sisters of Notre Dame?

Sr. Mary Rachel Nerone is my father’s youngest sister. We would see her at family gatherings a few times a year but I never really spoke with her till my oldest son was ready to start grade school. I’m not sure what prompted me, but I called Sr. Rachel and asked if the SND sisters were still involved in any grade schools. She directed me to St. Augustine Parish and School in Covington. It was great advice. I talked to Fr. Hellman and met that same afternoon with Sr. Carol Marie Klaine, who was the principal at the time. We found an apartment nearby and became Peaselburg residents. John’s first teacher was Sr. Bonita Schack and she really made an impact. I’m a slow learner, but I eventually realized from other SND sisters involved with the school (Sr. Lynette Shelton, Sr. Lourita Warken, Sr. Maria Therese Schappert, and Sr. Karlanne Noehring) that their teaching was as much to the parents as it is to the kids.

I’m still active at St. Augustine and see many of the sisters. I also see and talk with Sr. Rachel more than we did years back. I look forward to the Fourth of July Festival and other opportunities to visit St. Joseph Heights and read the newsletters.

What do you enjoy doing for fun?

Nothing beats spending time with family, but I also enjoy live theater and music. I can’t play any instruments so that makes the musicians’ craft that much more inspiring. I also enjoy the camaraderie of rallying around a worthy cause like a day of volunteer labor or participating in a 5K event.

How do you live your faith in daily life?

When I turned 55 I adopted a five and five plan. Every week I try to engage in five spiritual exercises and five physical workouts. It seems whenever I start to lose focus, I run into one of the SND sisters and that puts me back on track.

How does the Notre Dame charism impact your life?

It starts by listening with open eyes and an open heart. The sisters are involved in so many good causes and live such exemplary, humble lives. One would have to try pretty hard not to get caught up in the spirit.

We could all emulate their kind demeanor, willingness to listen, and firm resolve to continue working for peace, justice and charity.

Ann haegele
Date: on June 13, 2018

Great article! Pete is a wonderful man.

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