Partner Spotlight: Mary Ellen Millar

Posted on: October 13, 2015 11:00 am
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Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen Millar

The Sisters of Notre Dame are missioned to proclaim God’s goodness and provident care, but we do not do it alone! Hundreds of individuals and organizations dedicate their prayers, their time, and various resources to share in carrying out Jesus’ mission near and far. Each month we pass the mic to one or more of our partners and shine the spotlight on their relationship with the Sisters of Notre Dame.

October 2015 Partner Spotlight: Mary Ellen Millar

Why do I enjoy being a part of the Notre Dame family, especially as an Associate of Notre Dame?  That is so simple, one word−relationship. It is the welcoming spirit of the sisters that develops a bond between them and anyone who walks through their doors. They have shared their lives with us, too. They are a part of our extended family. This spirit is what I believe I have learned and am trying to wear everyday as I try to follow a relationship with God through the people I meet.

Our family started to develop our relationship with the Sisters of Notre Dame at Notre Dame Academy. After our time there was over, I moved on to the Heights and Sister Maria Francine Stacy suggested that I might like to join the Associates. The rest is history. My relationship with God, other associates, and the sisters has blossomed through shared activities, praying together, and volunteering in the different outreach programs available.

When the average person is thinking of retiring, the sisters are just switching gears from one profession to volunteering in much needed services. I work with Sister Mary Margaret Droege at St. Augustine School in the library every Tuesday, Sister Mary Rita Geoppinger oversees my work in the Associate religious library at the Heights, and several of us write notes or visit the associates who are hospitalized or in nursing homes. As I volunteer, I am rubbing elbows with the “Spirit” and my husband, Jim, and I are very thankful they are a part of our lives.

Ruth Molloy
Date: on July 14, 2016

I had the truly awesome experience, and privilege, of working on the Woman's Retreat Team with Mary Ellen! She has a heart of gold and so, so generous with her time and talents. She taught me so much and enfleshed Christ for me!!! Thank Y❤️U Mary Ellen

Karen Iannitti
Date: on October 17, 2015

Mary Ellen thanks for being a dear friend and introducing me to the Sisters of Notre Dame by inviting me to the women's retreats. You have been a role model for me. As associates we receive much more than we give.

Sr. Maria Francine
Date: on October 16, 2015

What a support Mary Ellen is in all our work. She is so sensitive to others' needs. I remember that from her work as librarian. She looked at each student, especially the most troubled, with caring. She was already spreading God's goodness. Thanks and blessings to you! You are a blessing to us!

Sr. M. Dolores Giblin
Date: on October 16, 2015

Mary Ellen: a faithful friend willing to step in and help with any challenge. We on the retreat team have granted her a year's sabbatical and miss her very much. Mary Ellen, come back!

Sister Joell
Date: on October 15, 2015

Every time you pop into the Provincial Center, Mary Ellen, you radiate God's goodness. What a blessing to have you share in our charism!

Rita Wesseling
Date: on October 15, 2015

Thank you for your dedication to the library at St. Augustines!

Judy Parsons
Date: on October 15, 2015

Mary Ellen-Congratulations! I am happy to know you and to know more about you.Your library work is invaluable and of great importance.Blessings on you and your family.

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