Partner Spotlight: Mary Ann Robinson

Posted on: August 17, 2017 11:00 am
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by Mary Ann Robinson
Notre Dame Associate

My first experience with the Sisters of Notre Dame was when we moved back to Covington, Kentucky from Norfolk, Virginia and I started school at St. John on Pike Street. Moving back to Kentucky also afforded me the opportunity to visit my mother's sister, Sister Mary Everilda, SND, later known as Sr. Mary Florence. Even though expressways were nonexistent and no matter where Sister was stationed, our family faithfully visited because "visiting Sundays" were few and far between in those days. Despite my visits with my aunt and having Notre Dame Sisters as my grade school teachers, it was not until I was in high school at Notre Dame Academy that I realized that sisters were "human."

On a rather interesting note, the following story will let you see just how instrumental the Sisters of Notre Dame have been in shaping the direction of my life.

When I was younger, my sister Eileen said some fellas wanted to meet us. She told them we would be at a festival. The date was July 4th and the festival was at Saint Joseph Heights. The young men met us there. I started dating one of them. And eventually, I married the young man I met at the festival at the Notre Dame convent!

Years later when my aunt, Sister Mary Florence, invited me to become a Notre Dame Associate, I wasn't too sure about this adventure. I figured it would offer me an opportunity to become closer in my relationship with God. God has so blessed my life and it turned out that one of my richest blessings has been becoming a Notre Dame Associate. Though I will not mention names, there have been many Sisters of Notre Dame with whom I have become good friends and who have helped me on my journey. The Heights, the Sisters of Notre Dame Provincial Center, continues to be a blessing to me as a place of spiritual nourishment when I meet monthly with our Associate faith sharing group and with the DeMello group. The Notre Dame community, the peace, and the prayerful experiences draw me nearer to God, just as I had hoped.

Pat Pope
Date: on August 24, 2017

Mary Ann won't tell you this, but a few years ago she joined Notre Dame's Women Making a Difference because of all of the charitable work she has done. Anyone who knows about this process, knows that you have to do a lot to be recognized like that.

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