October Birthdays and Namedays

Posted on: October 1, 2018 10:00 am
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Happy Birthday (B) and Happy Nameday (N) to these Covington Sisters of Notre Dame

October 1
Sr. Mary Tereze Deye (N)
Sr. Mary Joan Terese Niklas (N)
Sr. Maria Therese Schappert (N)
Sr. Mary Reinette Kroeger (N)

October 3
Sr. Mary Judine Lambert (B)

October 7

Sr. Mary Claire Engbersen (B)
Sr. Mary Sharron Goller (N)

October 8
Sr. Marjorie Marie Thiel (N)

October 10
Sr. Mary Reinette Kroeger (B)
Sr. Mary Lynette Shelton (B)
Sr. Debra Marie Wischmeyer (B)

October 11
Sr. Mary Kristel Noehring (N)
Sr. Marie Sand (N)
Sr. Mary Shauna Bankemper (N)

October 16
Sr. Mary Margaret Droege (N)
Sr. Margaret Mary Mouch (N)

October 17
Sr. Mary Paulla Hanneken (B)

October 28
Sr. Judith Marie Hagen (N)
Sr. Mary Judeann Lueken (N)
Sr. Mary Judith Niewahner (N)

October 31
Sr. Marylyn Ehrman (B)
Sr. Mary Judith Niewahner (B)


Lydia Dykes
Date: on October 24, 2018

Happy Birthday Sister Mary Claire, Sorry I didn’t send you a birthday card like I always do but was not feeling well enough to go purchase a card. Happy Happy Birthday.

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