NDA students score highest ranking

Posted on: February 8, 2018 10:00 am
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Every Notre Dame Academy (Buseesa, Uganda) student who took the national leaving examination in fall 2017 scored the highest ranking of 1. 

Sr. Marge Mouch, who works at the formation center at the SND mission in Buseesa, Uganda, wrote:

"Yesterday (February 7, 2018) at about noon the report of the "leaving exams" for the S4 girls were released from the government. Our Notre Dame girls here at Buseesa all received the highest ranking of 1. What an enormous achievement! No 2's or 3's. That puts Notre Dame Senior Secondary School at the top of the schools in our district. And will put our school in the top ten of the nation. We are celebrating this good news and the hard work of students and teachers."

The students who sat for the exam are S4 or 4th year secondary students who are testing out of the O-level. O-level, or ordinary level, is the first stage of secondary school in Uganda and is made up of four grades: S1, S2, S3, and S4. The second stage of secondary schooling is called A-level, or advanced level. A-level, which includes grades S5 and S6, is required schooling for students who intend to continue to university or post-secondary certificate programs. 


The Sisters of Notre Dame plan to open an A-level school at the St. Julie Mission in Buseesa by spring 2019.

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