Mission Advancement Update: Retirement

Posted on: March 30, 2016 11:00 am
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Retired Covington Sisters of Notre Dame praying in the Lourdes Hall Chapel.

The Covington Province has applied for local and national grants in support of several retirement initiatives.

SOAR! Founders Grant: Handicap-Accessible Shower

Our application for a $2,500 Founders' Grant through the SOAR! foundation has been submitted. In our application, we asked for partial funding to cover the installation of a handicap-accessible shower in the Notre Dame Academy convent.

Two sisters in particular would benefit greatly from the installation. Both sisters passed the typical retirement age at least two decades ago, but have continued to work in the outside community. The NDA convent offers the convenience of an elevator, short hallways, reliable transportation to and from their ministry, and consistent personal assistance and companionship. 

SOAR! Grant: Orthopedic Mattresses

As our province’s healthcare focus shifts to person-centered care, the importance of meeting basic comfort needs has reiteratively emerged in our research.

We intend to address our sisters’ comfort in the very near future by phasing out old mattresses with a model our sisters had the chance to test off-site following unexpected, building-wide pipe replacement. The sisters who were temporarily relocated and slept on the orthopedic mattress noted to our Director of Healthcare a marked decrease in their pain levels. They awoke pain-free, feeling alert, and ready to be active. 

While many of our sisters would benefit from an orthopedic mattress, we assessed the needs of our retired population and found that twenty sisters have the greatest immediate mobility and pain relief concerns. Addressing these concerns through the orthopedic mattress will lead to many good nights and many active days. To cover the cost of the mattresses, we applied for a $20,000 SOAR! Grant in February 2016. 


To donate to the SND Retirement Fund, please click here.

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