Mission Advancement Update: Uganda

Posted on: March 30, 2016 3:00 pm
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Several development initiatives are underway for the SND mission in Uganda. As always, we are open to advice on what our best buy would be, as well as suggestions for funding.

Bricks for Buseesa Nursery School

Our generous partners have donated $110,000 toward the construction of a new nursery school in Buseesa. We are just $15,000 shy of our $125,000 goal. Thank you to everyone who has donated!

This nursery school will open doors for the children in Buseesa in ways that are hard to imagine here in the States. Click here to learn more.


We are researching three small technological devices that will be of great assistance in Buseesa.


The first is a point-and-shoot camera with video capability. We are considering a Sony Cybershot

Memory Cards

The second is a memory card for the camera. Two to three 32GB cards would work best for documenting life at the mission. We will take photos and videos as needed and send back the full card with visiting sisters and/or volunteers. The folks in Kentucky will save the photos and videos to their computers and send back the empty card with the next visitor.

Data Storage

The third is a portable, durable data storage device. The Transcend StoreJet, for instance, has 1TB of storage and has been "military drop tested."

The purpose of this device is for storing the secondary students' documents throughout the school year. Previous donations allowed us to purchase laptops and begin a computer lab. We are happy to introduce this technology to our students, who will need to be familiar with it by the time they begin university in the urban area of Uganda. 

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