Mayra and Nicole enter the SND Novitiate

Posted on: February 25, 2016 10:00 am
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Mayra Martinez (left) and Nicole Varnerin (right) before the ceremony.

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Sisters of Notre Dame postulants, Mayra Martinez from the California SND province, and Nicole Varnerin from the Cleveland SND province entered the novitiate of the Sisters of Notre Dame on February 20. A simple ceremony was held at the Covington province during community Evening Prayer.

Mayra and Nicole have been in formation with the Sisters of Notre Dame for several years, first as Candidates and then as Postulants in their respective provinces.  This past August they moved into the national SND formation house in Covington to complete their postulancy and begin their novitiate.

According to the Church, the time of novitiate allows for a greater and more intense understanding of one’s vocation to religious life and one’s vocation with the Sisters of Notre Dame. 

Sister Marla Monahan, director of the SND novitiate, explained, “Mayra and Nicole are to continue to experience the SND way of life and allow their minds and hearts to be formed in its spirit.  It is a time to fall more in love with Jesus Christ and the people of God so that their lives can be in the service of the Gospel.”

Sr. Mary Rose Moser, assistant novice director, provided testimony during the ceremony regarding Mayra and Nicole’s entrance into the novitiate. In addition to complimenting the flavorful Mexican dishes Mayra has prepared at the formation house, Sr. Rose said that Mayra’s desire to live as a Sister of Notre Dame is tangible.

“Her face lights up as she shares her experiences in ministry with young adults,” Sr. Rose said. “Her love and care reach out to many, including vocational contacts through Sr. Ruth Lubbers, children at the Notre Dame Urban Education Center, her classmates at Thomas More College, and beyond.”

Sr. Rose remarked that Nicole’s leadership shows itself in many facets, even when devising and leading game nights during novitiate downtime. She also praised Nicole’s youthful enthusiasm, her love for those who are poor, and her intense desire to become more confirmed in her call. Sr. Rose said, “Nicole is not afraid to take up challenges and research possibilities for the good of the whole. She reaches out to bring the love of Christ to our neighbors here in Covington, to our Sisters in healthcare and around the Provincial Center, at Xavier University, and anywhere, as a matter of fact.”

During the ceremony, Mayra and Nicole received their congregational crucifix and constitutions and took on their religious names—Sister Mayra Marie and Sister Nicole Marie. They will continue in the novitiate for two years before professing their temporary vows. 

Rebecca Schaffer Wells
Date: on February 29, 2016

God continues to bless us with the love and service of the Sisters of Notre Dame in the Novitiate of Srs. Mayra Marie and Nicole Marie! God bless! - Rebecca

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