March Birthdays and Namedays

Posted on: March 1, 2018 9:00 am
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Happy Birthday (B) and Happy Name Day (N) to these Covington Sisters of Notre Dame

March 6
Sister Margene Koester (B)

March 9
Sister Mary Lea Paolucci (B)

March 15
Sister Mary Judith Averbeck (B)

March 17
Sister Mary Patrycia Sweeney (B) (N)
Sister Patricia Marie Tyree (N)

March 19
Sister Mary Jolene Flynn (N)
Sister Mary Helen Joseph Riehle (N)

March 25
Sister Marylyn Ehrman(N)
Sister Nance Marie Hehman (N)
Sister Maria Christina Hennig (N)
Sister Mary Elaine Krebs (N)
Sister Mary Rachel Nerone (N)
Sister Mary Lea Paolucci (N)
Sister Ann Marie Pflum (N)
Sister Nicole Marie Varnerin (N)
Sister Elaine Marie Winter (N)

March 26
Sister Nancy Marie Schutte (B)

March 27
Sister Mary Joenita Schlueter (B)

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