March 2015 Partner Spotlight: Erin Cummings

Posted on: March 2, 2015 2:00 pm
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Erin Cummings, SND Partner in Mission

The Sisters of Notre Dame are missioned to proclaim God’s goodness and provident care, but we do not do it alone! Hundreds of individuals and organizations dedicate their prayers, their time, and various resources to share in carrying out Jesus’ mission near and far. Each month we pass the mic to one or more of our partners and shine the spotlight on their relationship with the Sisters of Notre Dame.

March 2015 Partner Spotlight: Erin Cummings

"Having graduated from Notre Dame Academy in Covington, Kentucky, I knew about the sister school, Notre Dame Academy Senior Secondary School, in Uganda. When the Greater Cincinnati Chapter of Engineers Without Borders started looking for a new community to partner with, I reached out to the Sisters of Notre Dame to see if they had any engineering needs at their school and in their community. Their response was that they needed a biogas system to provide energy for cooking to reduce their use of firewood as fuel. Since then, we’ve been working together to develop the program, which now includes a community water supply project in addition to the biogas alternative energy project.

Throughout this process, I have found that the sisters are reliable and easy to communicate with, even halfway across the world where communication pipelines aren’t so easy to access. If you need their help with something for your project, you can be assured they will get it done.

It’s inspiring to work with folks who are so selfless, with lives centered on helping those who need it most regardless of whether that means they must live without clean running water and reliable electricity.  It’s easy to see how much they love their students whenever they talk about them. These sisters aren’t what you might think of when you picture a stereotypical nun. They are extremely determined, intelligent, and adventurous. On my first trip to Buseesa, Uganda, we wanted to visit a school deep in the bush. The dirt path to the school was bad with extremely steep grades and lots of potholes. I didn’t think there was any chance our truck would make it. Without hesitation, the sister we were with said we should give a shot. We did, and we made it. The sisters are accustomed to pushing boundaries and working with the resources that they have. They wouldn’t have accomplished all that they have without that fearless and resourceful attitude." -Erin Cummings

Click here to read even more about Erin's experience with the SND biogas project.

Kathleen Stutler
Date: on March 14, 2015

I am so proud to see how you are making a difference in today's world. I feel blest to have had you in my second grade class at BSS. Keep up the wonderful work>

Sr. Therese Marie
Date: on March 13, 2015

Thank you for having thought of us here in Uganda. We are proud of you! God bless your endeavors.

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