June Namedays and Birthdays

Posted on: June 1, 2016 12:00 pm
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Happy Birthday (B) and Happy Nameday (N) to these Covington Sisters of Notre Dame

June 2
Sr. Mary Bonita Schack (B)

June 3
Sr. Mary Shauna Bankemper (N)
Sr. Mary Kevan Seibert (N)
Sr. Cormarie Rebhan (N - Feast of the Sacred Heart)

June 4
Sr. Mary Dolores Giblin (B)
Sr. Mary Luann Bender (N - Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary)

June 5
Sr. Mary Janet Stamm (B)

June 6
Sr. Mary Elaine Krebs (B)
Sr. Elaine Marie Winter (B)

June 7
Sr. Anita Marie Stacy (B)
Sr. Maria Francine Stacy (B)

June 9
Sr. Mary Heleen Hehman (B)

June 12
Sr. Mary Luann Bender (B)

June 13
Sr. Debra Marie Wischmeyer (N)

June 14
Sr. Mary Jolene Flynn (B)

June 18
Sr. Mary Margaret Droege (B)
Sr. Mary Loise Lay (B)

June 21
Sr. Mary Lourita Warken (B)
Sr. Mary Loise Lay (N)

June 22
Sr. Mary Delrita Glaser (B)

June 29
Sr. Rose Paula Foltz (N)
Sr. Mary Paul Zembrodt (N)

What is a Nameday?

A Nameday is the feast day of one's Patron Saint.

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