I am grateful for...

Posted on: November 9, 2018 4:00 pm

Sister Barbara Marie Hurlander

All of our staff members who so graciously fulfill their duties and the many times they go out of their way to go the extra mile. For all our volunteers and benefactors who support our ministries. For my vocation to the Sisters of Notre Dame – a life of prayer and service to others.


Sister Anne Marie Pflum

For my life, my faith, and religious vocation. For the persons who have supported me over the years.


Sister Mary Lourita Warken

For being given life and for the mercy and compassionate love of the Lord.


Sister Helen Joseph Riehle

For my faith-filled parents.


Sister Bernamarie Lauer

All God’s blessings: Spring flowers and fall colors, my brothers and sisters and their families, all of the Sisters of Notre Dame and our employees. The opportunities that have come with living in the USA.


Mike Meadows, Finance Office

The opportunity to use my knowledge and experience to partner with the sisters while furthering the mission.


Sister Dolores Giblin

We here at Notre Dame Academy are very thankful for the gracious and expert care of the Maintenance team.  Your appearance stepping off the elevator elicits many sighs of relief, you can be sure, as well as satisfaction with your work when you board the elevator again.  Big thanks!!!


Mary Hedger, Director of Julie Learning Center

I am grateful for the sounds of laughter and discovery that fill the JLC rooms each day; the hugs around the knee caps from the 4 year olds, and the high fives from the "big" kids.


Sister Maria Christina Hennig

In October I visited a new psychiatry patient at the hospital here in Stockholm, a young refugee from Africa. She has been in Sweden for almost 9 years. I asked her which is her native language. She said it is Luganda and that she came from Uganda. The light in her eyes, when I told her that I am a Sister of Notre Dame and we have schools in Uganda, was so bright. She was very happy to meet a sister and even more that I have sisters in Uganda.

I am very grateful to be a Sister of Notre Dame and to serve the refugees in the psychiatry department. They are so thankful to talk to a sister and to talk about faith. Their joy when they hear that we have sisters in Africa is a true gift.

God is good, letting me be here. I am thankful for my community letting me carry out my ministry among the people who do not find a home neither in them nor in their new country. They carry such a heavy burden of trauma, losses, and fear, but with Jesus they hope to find peace. Among them I feel like a disciple of Jesus, sharing love."


Sister Pat Kenney

I am grateful for the wonderful staff we have by the grace of God, for our wonderful home here with a loving atmosphere of love and caring.  All are willing to help, whatever your needs are. Praise God. 


Sister Shauna Bankemper

Having just celebrated my Golden Jubilee I realize just how grateful I am for my vocation, my sisters, family, and friends who have been an amazing part of this blessed journey.  All I can say is "Thanks!"


Sister Bonita Schack

I am grateful for my extended family of origin, and my international family of the Sisters of Notre Dame.


Sister Mary Heleen Hehman

I am grateful for so many blessings.  At the moment I wish to express gratitude for Daily Mass in our chapel.   What a blessing to walk down the hall and assist at Mass, not having to go out to find a Church each morning for the Holy Sacrifice. So grateful to the priests who minister to us and to those who care for chapel.  It is always adorned to give praise to the LORD.


Michelle Blevins, SND Postulant

I am grateful for the opportunity to take some much needed time to discern who I am and who I want to be so that I may learn how to surrender my life to God like so many amazing women have before me.


Beth Averbeck, Finance Office

Caring family and healthy relationships.


Margie Schnelle, Mission Advancement Office

I am grateful for my family that I love so much, my wonderful job working with the Sisters of Notre Dame, friends that I enjoy spending time with and bring happiness to me, and a loving God whom looks after me daily, and guides me through my ups and downs.


Marilyn Polley, Lourdes Hall Staff

Being able to love and serve the Sisters in Lourdes Hall. Having all my good friends at work.  We are all team players.  The best way to describe us is we really are family.  Thank you God.


Kelly Houp, Lourdes Hall Staff

The opportunity to care for the Sister of Notre Dame! I look forward to getting to know the sisters & staff! This is a beautiful blessing in my life to work here!


Sister Mary Kevan Seibert 

My brothers & all the members of families everywhere.


Maria Modonia, Julie Learning Center Staff       

My health.


Sister Mary Pat Bruemmer

I am so grateful for our wonderful staff in Lourdes Hall.


Denise Marinacci, Lourdes Hall Staff

A God who has shown me love, forgiveness, and compassion for all through his son Jesus Christ.


Jan Turner, Lourdes Hall Staff

Every day of life that God has given me and my family.

I am grateful for the health of myself and family.

I’m grateful for working with SND – such a kind spiritual family.

I’m grateful for working with great people.


Sister Mary Walter Ann Kammer

Faith, the Eucharist, family, Sisters of Notre Dame, Associates, the gift of life, SND staff, Sister Mary Ethel, Sr. Mary Pat, Sr. Mary Lourita, Kelly, Jan, Marilyn.


Tracie Kaiser, Lourdes Hall Staff

All of my amazing coworkers!!


Brittney Rigney, Lourdes Hall Staff

My job here, all the amazing people I work with, and all the sisters!  I love them all and I love my job!


Sister Mary Paulla Hanneken

Chocolate, God, smile full of love!!


Donna Riley, Lourdes Hall Staff

Every day of my life and those yet to come.


Audrey Epperson, Lourdes Hall Staff

Another day that I’m alive.  I’m blessed to have waken up this morning. I’m grateful for my children, they motivate me to be better.  I’m grateful for my job.  I love my patients and they teach me so much!  I am grateful for the people who love me, even at my worst and never leave my side. I’m grateful for family, the family I was born into, and the family I’ve gained along the way.  I’m grateful for God, because I know I’m not the perfect child, but he still loves me.


Sister Mary Joenita Schlueter

God’s intervention in having my parents give their blessing when I wanted to become a Sister.  They were saying no at first.  I went outside, stood in the middle of our dead-end street, looked up to heaven and pleaded with God as to know what I should do.  I heard His voice say, “I want you to come now.” I said, “You know that and I know that, but my parents don’t know that.” After I received their blessing to become a sister, they were proud. They began signing their letters “Mom & Dad, PMD”…the PMD stood for “Proud Mom and Dad.”

P.S.  I am the only child


Sammy Barlow, Lourdes Hall Staff

My friends.

My health.

My job.

Doing well in school.

My friends here at the Sisters of Notre Dame.


Sister Mary Margene Koester

Love that is freely given.  Amen.


Tyesha Gordon, Lourdes Hall Staff

That my mom is recovering from a heart attack.  Thankful for her strength.


Kelly Hyland, Lourdes Hall Staff

I am grateful that I have found my passion in Nursing- working for the Sisters of Notre Dame.


Sister Ruth Lubbers

All those people whom I encounter who show some aspect of God’s loving presence. May they be blessed.


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