History of St. Joseph Heights: Waiting for a building

Posted on: March 16, 2018 11:00 am
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St. Joseph Height Home Association.

Now 53.75 Acres Waiting for a Building

In 1914 the Sisters were encouraged by the purchase of the Heck Farm. The next challenge was the acquisition of funds to construct St. Joseph Heights. World War years (1914-1918) strained communication with the Generalate in Germany. Divine Providence supplied Mr. John F. Cook. A quotation from the Dedication Booklet (dated November 13, 1927) describes the significant role of this benefactor: “...our cause was espoused by Mr. John F. Cook of Price Hill and his Knights of Columbus colleagues who organized the St. Joseph Heights Home Association in October 1922 with the avowed purpose of erecting the convent. Membership was extended so as to include representatives of every city and town in the vicinity, and these good people pledged themselves to see the building to completion, and to take care of the interest on an adequate loan. They toiled unselfishly and incessantly, and at the end of four years had accumulated sufficient funds to warrant breaking ground.”

Two Major Fundraisers

Among the annual events sponsored by the Association were two major fundraisers: the July 4th Festival and the November Kermess. In the early years dinner cost $1.00. One year, to attract guests, the summer festival began with someone jumping in a parachute from the top of a building on the former Heck Farm. (The paratrooper was paid $1.50 for his service.) In 1978 the November Kermess was discontinued. However, the July 4th Festival has increased by leaps and bounds! Currently, chances on the big July 4th Raffle of 2018 are being sold!  The faithful members of the Association and their families got the Sisters started and kept them going! The photo accompanying this article is also available on page 42 of the Arcadian publication Covington’s Sisters of Notre Dame. Copies may be purchased via Sr. M. Joan Terese Niklas, SND at 859-392-8120.

Photo Caption

Picture of St. Joseph Heights Home Association by their accomplished and ongoing goal to continue to support the Sisters of Notre Dame. In the center of the front row is Mr. John F. Cook.

He was born in Cincinnati in 1881. He married Essie Gildav and they had two children, Mary Florence and Vincent. Mr. Cook was a state examiner at City Hall in Cincinnati.  He was also a Knight of Columbus and a member of St. Agnes, Bond Hill. Following his death on August 31, 1959, he was buried from that church.

During his lifetime, John Cook founded the St. Joseph Heights Home Association for the purpose of funds to construct the Heights. John was the president of this association (also called the Old Faithful Club) from 1922 until his death. The Association was a very strong supporter of the July 4th festival. 2018 is the 96th year of the festival.

November 13, 2017 was the 90th anniversary of the dedication of St. Joseph Heights at 1601 Dixie Highway. Sr. Mary Joan Terese Niklas, archivist for the SND Covington Province, will share a special St. Joseph Heights History article each month of this 90th year. 

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