History of St. Joseph Heights: Ten provincial superiors in Covington

Posted on: November 9, 2018 2:00 pm
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Four former Provincial Superiors. Seated (left to right) Sister Mary Borromeo and Sister Mary Joseph. Standing (left to right) Sister Mary Joann and Sister Mary Joell. Photo from page 69 of "Covington’s Sisters of Notre Dame" by Michael Hargis.

by Sister Mary Joan Terese Niklas, SND Archivist

When the Sisters of Notre Dame first arrived in the United States in 1874, one provincial house (in Cleveland) served the needs of all the sisters. As the number of sisters increased (in 1924) Covington and Toledo were also raised from districts to provincial centers. In 1961 Thousand Oaks, California became the fourth Sisters of Notre Dame Province in the USA.

Currently, the four provinces are engaged in a time of transition to become again one province in 2020.

From 1924 to 2020 ten provincial superiors will have served terms in Covington:


 Sr. M. Angela

1924-1947  Ministry in Birmingham, AL began in 1937
 Sr. M. Joseph

1947-1959  Ministry in Harlan, KY began in 1957
 Sr. M. Margaret

 1959 (April-September)  Sr. Margaret died of cancer in 1959
 Sr. M. Borromeo

 1959-1971  St. Claire Medical Center opened in Morehead in 1963
 Sr. M. Joann

 1971-1983  Joseph Hall added on to Provincial Center in 1980
 Sr. M. Joell

 1983-1986  Sr. Joell elected Superior General of the Congregation in 1986
 Sr. M. Margaret

 1987-1996  Mission in Uganda began in 1995
 Sr. M. Shauna

 1996-2005  Julie Learning Center opened in 1998
 Sr. Marla

 2005-2014  Notre Dame Urban Education Center opened in 2010
 Sr. Mary Ethel  
 2014-2020  Sr. Mary Ethel awarded Judith Clabes Lifetime Achievement Award in 2018


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