Hearts as Wide as the World

Posted on: March 22, 2016 5:00 pm
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Sr. Mary Delrita Glaser speaking to students at Holy Family School in Covington, KY

Students at Holy Family School in Covington showed us today that they are global citizens and have hearts as wide as the world. From March 14-18, students collected change to contribute to our new nursery school in Buseesa, Uganda. By the end of the week, the students had raised $450 in loose change. 

To celebrate, the teachers and students invited SND Uganda missionaries, Sr. Mary Janet Stamm and Sr. Mary Delrita Glaser, as well as the sisters at the National Novitiate, Sr. Mary Rose Moser, Sr. Marla Monahan, Sr. Nicole Marie Varnerin, and Sr. Mayra Martinez to Holy Family School to talk about the mission in Uganda.

Sr. Mary Janet first discussed how students play in Uganda. She gave examples of students finding old tires and chasing them up and down the dirt path with a stick. She also showed the students a doll made out of a banana leaf that children make and play with in Uganda. 

Sr. Mary Delrita told the students about the time she encountered an eight-foot snake on the dirt path and how she managed to jump over it and run back to the school with it chasing closely behind. Sr. Mary Delrita, a nurse, also discussed day-to-day health concerns in Uganda. Students learned about a child who was covered with "jiggers," parasitic fleas that burrow into the skin and cause extreme irritation. They must be removed by hand, one-by-one. A mother of one of the Ugandan sisters cared for this child, removing jiggers from his head to his feet. The sisters then helped the family with their sleeping arrangements, so that the children would not have to sleep on the dirt floor and risk catching jiggers or other infection.

After this story, a student raised her hand and said with full sincerity, "Sisters, I'm going to pray for all the itchy children."

The students at Holy Family posed several questions to the sisters after their presentation. Many asked about the animals in Uganda. Others inquired about the well-being of the children mentioned in Sr. Mary Janet and Sr. Mary Delrita's stories. They wanted to know what the children went on to do and if they are healthy. Finally, one student asked, "What is your favorite thing about the students in Uganda?"

Sr. Mary Janet immediately replied, "My favorite thing is that despite the tough life these children have, they are happy."

Sr. Mary Delrita, admiring the children's perseverance, said, "These children are willing to work hard."

When Ms. Amberly Tullis, the fifth and sixth grade teacher, announced that the school had raised $450 in one week, the sisters were astonished at their hard work. Sr. Marla asked how the students were able to raise so much so quickly. Hands went up and students answered, "We worked together...we each gave a little...we went slow and got to our goal."

Thank you, Holy Family students and teachers, for your contribution and your lesson that together we can do so much.

Sister Bonita, SND
Date: on March 23, 2016

Wonderful job, students of Holy Family School!

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