Happy Feast of St. Julie

Posted on: May 13, 2015 3:40 pm

Sr. Mary Ethel Parrott, SND, and Sr. Jean Marie Hoffman, SND, with a portrait of St. Julie Billiart in the St. Joseph Heights Provincial Center (KY)

Wishing all a blessed Feast of St. Julie!

Today in morning Mass, we offered the following intercessions and prayer in joyful celebration and remembrance of St. Julie, our spiritual mother.

Our world yearns for peace;
-make us women at peace within our hearts and minds whatever the circumstances.

Our world struggles for justice;
-increase our awareness and willingness to address the justice issues of our day.

Our world longs for wholeness;
-help us commit ourselves to preserving the integrity of creation wherever we live and minister.

Our world longs for global understanding;
-guide us to model mutual respect and to celebrate differences within our international community.

Good and gracious God, may we be blessed with the graces that filled Julie's life: courage, wisdom, simplicity, charity, and a joyful spirit. Through the challenges of our times may we, like her, proclaim your goodness in all circumstances and to all people. We ask this in the names of Jesus, your son. Amen.

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