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Posted on: November 11, 2020 3:00 pm

Using the form below, place your order of assorted Christmas or all-occasion greeting cards for $20.00 per 5-pack (FREE shipping).

Each card features a photograph taken by Sister Mary Evelynn Reinke, who also puts together each card with care. The insides are blank, so that you can write whatever you choose. If a blank card leaves you at a loss for words, no worries, Sister Evelynn provides with every order a list of messages for various occasions.

Her cards are wonderful to send as correspondence and to give as gifts. 

Questions? A special request? Please contact Sister Evelynn at or 859-240-8099.

Proceeds benefit SND ministries.

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Sister Mary Evelynn Reinke, SND


Meet the Photographer - Sister Mary Evelynn Reinke, SND

I’ve always liked to follow a path through the weeds or woods to see where it would take me.  I meandered into photography that way.  An inconspicuous path led me much further than I could have anticipated. 

I began taking pictures after receiving a camera for my golden jubilee of religious profession.  Ever the nature lover, I liked to capture landscapes, trees, sunsets.  I also found that looking through the lens focused my attention so that I recognized a world of small beauties all around. Soon I was tracking butterflies, angling for a good shot, or clicking away as a distracted gold finch feasted on a large sunflower.

The pictures I accumulated seemed too nice not to share.  I began making homemade cards from materials I found in the convent.  They gave some pleasure and reaped a little profit, but the process and the results left a lot to be desired.

Then I discovered Plymouth Cards. The company manufactures note cards made to hold a photograph.  Their large array of colors is wonderful!  The right color selection just makes a photo pop!

At first my cards were used strictly in house: for sisters’ birthdays, feast days, and jubilees.  Then a friend offered to sell them in her consignment shop.  Next the cards were offered at our annual July 4 fund raiser.  That was last summer.  Since then, the cards have taken off, largely publicized by word of mouth.  Now I sell them to retreat groups who meet at the convent and to anyone who stops in for cards.  Thanks to our Development Director, they are also being offered online.  I’m excited to see where that venture will lead.

I feel so tickled about the whole experience.  Who could have guessed where the path would take me by the time I was an octogenarian! 

Lynda Moyer
Date: on November 19, 2019

I want to purchase your Christmas cards. I love them. What a fun talent to have. Will buy Online. Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. Grece Chami Sather
Date: on November 16, 2019

Your willingness to use all God's gifts to you is relentless Sis. I have had the pleasure to create courses with you at Thomas More College, and Now this! Bravo, and Congratulations on this work .

Sr SylviaAnne
Date: on November 15, 2019

What a delightful story of how God surprised you with this latest gift! Am glad to know you are able to share it with the wider community, as you have with your life. Blessings

Kathleen Burris Ruscher
Date: on November 14, 2019

Love your work!

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