Give them sunflowers!

Posted on: March 24, 2020 6:00 pm
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by Sister Marla Monahan, SND

Recently, my nephew shared this story with me about his 3-year-old little boy, George.  “George and I said our prayer tonight and all our blessings.  At the end I always tell him to bless everyone that we know and love. And he added tonight, ‘and give them sunflowers!’”

He’s the same little boy who told me, when I asked who the statue was in his yard, “that’s Mary.”  I continued quizzing him, “What is the name of her little boy?”  He answered, “Jesus.  And Joseph is the father.  They’re a family!  And I have a family, too.”

I am touched by the thoughtfulness of George to make his blessings concrete by sending sunflowers. And to recognize our relatedness to one another.

As Christians, we believe we are made in God’s image, God who is trinity, a community of persons, a “family.”  At this time as we continue to celebrate Lent, and we face the challenge of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, I am reminded more than ever that we are one global family.  I continue to try and figure out what kind of “sunflowers” I can send to my brothers and sisters.

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Date: on April 1, 2020

Beautiful. Out of the mouths of babes! My friend game me a framed art piece of Sunflowers for Christmas. She had it on her wall and wrapped it for me. Thank you for reminding us to give “Sunflowers” daily to others.

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