Get ready for launch of SNDUSA!

Posted on: January 2, 2019 6:00 pm
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The countdown has begun! While not a space capsule readying to launch into the awe-inspiring atmosphere, the Sisters of Notre Dame are equally as excited to announce the launch of their four U.S. provinces into one “SND-USA” in 2020.

The Sisters of Notre Dame began as one U.S. province in the early 1900s. As they spread across the country, dividing into separate provinces made it easier to coordinate expanding ministries locally. Over the past two decades, there has been increasing collaboration among our four U.S. provinces, so the opportunity to work more closely together on nation-wide ministries became the natural next step.

The four SND provinces are in Chardon, Ohio; Covington, Kentucky; Toledo, Ohio; and Thousand Oaks, California. While each province will continue its local ministries, the addition of an SND-USA model for outreach brings renewed enthusiasm and collaboration to strengthen broad initiatives nationwide.

The three mission priorities of SND-USA will include:

• Sponsored Education and Health Care Ministries

• Ministries on the Margins

• Young Adult Ministries

With the ease of communication and travel in the 21st Century, geographic distance is no longer an obstacle. SND-sponsored institutions and other ministries can be strengthened by combined efforts, and with new technologies and a broad new national ministry platform, the Notre Dame mission can grow.

The sisters will remain a strong presence in each geographic area, but the restructuring will create new connections among the 500+ Sisters of Notre Dame in the United States. Each of the province’s friends, associates, donors and volunteers will remain important partners locally and, now, nationally as well.

So, get ready for lift-off in July of 2020! And watch for more in-depth coverage on each of the three SND-USA mission priorities. We look forward to the coming together of the four U.S. provinces and sharing our focused excitement with you throughout this next year.

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