Falling for SND-USA

Posted on: February 21, 2017 1:10 pm
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Sr. Mary Margaret Droege, far right, with Sr. Mary Joell Overman, Sr. Violet, Sr. Anita Marie, Sr. Mary Juliet, and Sr. Mary Sunday before traveling to Chardon, OH.

by Sr. Mary Margaret Droege

For two years or more, we Sisters of Notre Dame have been hearing about “SND-USA.”  Each area of our life is being reviewed as the four SND provinces in the USA prepare to become one by 2020.  Committees consider provincial policies and procedures and there have been opportunities for the sisters to meet one another through retreats, conferences, renewals, and jubilee celebrations.  But some of us have really taken this with great gusto.  I literally “fell for SND-USA.” 

In May some sisters from Uganda and I visited the sisters in the provincial house in Chardon, Ohio.  As I was walking down the steps preparing to leave, I missed the last two steps.  I found myself lying on my back, my right ankle in excruciating pain and quickly swelling.  I had sustained a serious fracture in my ankle.  During my 2 ½  days in the hospital, sisters from the provincial house were frequently present. One of the sisters went repeatedly to the nurse to obtain my medication for me.

I spent the next seven weeks in the SND Health Care Center in Chardon.  I could not have received better medical treatment.  But what impressed me most was the number of sisters who visited me and sent cards and notes.  Upon entering my room, sister after sister would announce, “SND-USA!”  Yes, I was from another province and was unknown to a majority of the sisters in Chardon, yet I was made to feel so welcome.  In fact, I felt very much “at home”.  The staff in the center reflect our SND charism and spirit.  Sisters and staff reflected great compassion and care, just like I was one of them.  They brought my meals, took me to the garden, did my laundry, changed my bandages, brought the Eucharist each day, and always with a smile and great kindness.  I had to remind myself I was in a health care center because it was such a home-like place to be.  There was no doubt in my mind that these were MY SISTERS, even though I didn’t know everyone’s name at first.  I was home. We were all one; it was like one province.

SND-USA will be official in 2020. It already happened in my life.


The four SND provinces in the U.S. will become one by 2020. The reasoning? More effective mission and ministry. We will maintain our presence in Northern Kentucky, but will join with our fellow U.S. sisters under one provincial leadership team.

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