Fall Service Trip

Posted on: August 21, 2017 9:50 am
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Be a part of the inaugural SND Fall Service Trip.

When and Where:

October 22-27, 2017 in Frenchburg, Kentucky


Women and men, ages 25+


Through a collaboration with the Glenmary Sisters in Frenchburg, KY, volunteers will assist at homes in the area. Duties include light maintenance, interior and exterior painting, and yard work. 


The group will carpool to a Sisters of Notre Dame retreat house in Frenchburg, KY. The house sleeps five, but air mattresses are an option for additional volunteers. Volunteers will prepare most meals at the house and eat dinner together each night.

Application deadline:

Please send your completed application to Sr. Ruth Lubbers by October 1. The trip fee is $60, which offsets the cost of transportation, food, lodging, and materials for the service work.

Download application (PDF)

Send application to Sr. Ruth Lubbers
by mail: 1601 Dixie Highway, Covington, KY 41011
by email:

Why group service trips?

Sisters of Notre Dame from around the world met in fall 2016 and prepared a General Chapter Vision Statement. This is essentially a vision statement for the entire congregation for the next several years. Three areas of focus were defined for the congregation that impel us to pursue outreach and community engagement, such as service trips.

1. Live incarnational spirituality

One aspect of living incarnational spirituality is allowing God's love to flow through us and become acts of compassion, friendship, and solidarity. These acts can range from smiling at a stranger to assisting a neighbor to traveling far to meet the needs of the world. Incarnational spirituality calls us to take the long loving look at the world within us and around us and then to immerse ourselves in doing God's work in our world, especially with those who are poor and marginalized.

Ministry at the margins is not just a geographic place. People at the margins are those facing a struggle. Any time the "fullness of life" or principles of justice are in jeopardy, that is the margins. A listing of principles of justice according to Catholic social teaching can be found here.

2. Grow in life-giving relationships

We want to share in doing God's work and being Jesus for others. Partnering with others, including volunteers, brings life to our ministries and acts of compassion. The Sisters of Notre Dame congregation was founded on friendships and formed in partnerships. Today, it is through partnerships that we can respond to human needs, sustain and extend ministries, and cross borders to embrace new opportunities for mission.

Many county borders will be crossed and many friendships will be forged on the way to Frenchburg. By partnering with the Glenmary Sisters, we have learned of needs in the Frenchburg area with which a small group of volunteers can assist.

3. Be one in diversity

Our chapter vision statement says All is from God, all is sustained by God and in God, all is ONE. No matter our different perspectives, appearances, ways of doing things, backgrounds, or hometowns, we all come back to God. Living inter-culturally is a witness to the world where there are so many divisions.

Venturing outside your local community and groups is an effective way to be very present and very aware of ways of life. Upon returning home, then, it is hard not to be aware of your own ways of life. Perhaps you will then see why something is a good idea, or how and why it could be done differently. Similarly, learning about and serving the needs of a different community, a different group, or a stranger makes it hard not to be aware of the needs of your own community, your own groups and family, or yourself. Suddenly, there is commonality between you and the other.


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