Experiencing Nature: Field Trips at the Sisters of Notre Dame

Posted on: October 2, 2014 10:00 am
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The St. Joseph Heights Nature Trail has been abuzz, and not just with honey bees feeding on wildflowers. St. Catherine of Siena (Fort Thomas) and Prince of Peace (Covington) students recently visited the nature trail at the Sisters of Notre Dame Covington Province for hands-on field trips.

Two first-grade classes from St. Catherine of Siena visited on September 24.  While exploring the trail, the children used their senses to experience and learn about nature. They not only examined plants and insects, but they also listened to song birds and the wind rustling in the trees above. The students took in the fragrance of many different plants and felt objects along the trail, such as bark and rocks. They learned how awesome nature is. Trip chaperone Fernando Rico-Alarcon of Cincinnati said, “My son and I had a great time. It's always nice to be able to get him out of the house and learn about nature. He enjoyed the different stations and learning about the different types of trees that are native to this area.”

Prince of Peace first through sixth graders, who visited on September 26, focused their trip on birds. Students learned about bird bill sizes and shapes. Through an experiential activity, they reached conclusions about the kind of food a bird eats according to the type of bill it has. Students also made a mini-bird book for their classrooms to help them remember their feathered friends.

The Sisters of Notre Dame enjoyed welcoming the students, teachers, and parents from St. Catherine of Siena and Prince of Peace, and hope they experienced firsthand the wonder of God in nature.

For field trip information, contact Sr. Mary Ann Pflum, SND at (859)291-2040 or  

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