Embracing Change

Posted on: December 10, 2020 11:00 am
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Sister Anita Marie Stacy leads an AP Physics experiment at Covington Latin School.

by Sister Anita Marie Stacy

Back to the States...the transition from Uganda to USA has been filled with lots of support from our good God, my community and family. It has been one year since I returned to Kentucky from teaching in Uganda, East Africa.

For the most UNnormal semester of my life, I taught a dual credit Calculus class at a community college in spring 2020, right when COVID-19 hit. It was a great opportunity since it allowed me to get into the American educational system once again and to catch up on technology. 

Now for the 2020-21 school year, I am blessed to be on the faculty of Covington Latin School. It is in downtown Covington and right next to the Cathedral. It is a co-ed school of about 200 students from Prep 7 to Seniors.

I teach Sophomores to Seniors in Algebra 2, Geometry, PreCalculus and AP Physics I. I am always busy, for sure! My class size ranges from 31 to 3!

I am so impressed with the faculty at Covington Latin. They are so loving and helpful. You can tell they really love the school and the students. I like being part of that. Most of my classes were both online, as well as in person. Once the order for at-home instruction came, this started yet a new phase of my experiences. Life is exciting, challenging and full of blessings.

I love my students. They are great thinkers and so respectful. I miss seeing them in person, but I am able to see their smiles now that we do not have to wear masks in our virtual classes!

Life is full of changes to embrace and God's face is so visible in each turn of the corner.

Jolynne Bundy
Date: on December 13, 2020

You are truly a blessing and an inspiration to us all! We miss you at St. Joseph! God Bless, Jolynne

Linda Bezold
Date: on December 10, 2020

Love getting the update on you! Sr. Anita Marie. I will pass on to Gina. You were one of her favorites! Love and prayers, Linda

Jan Schwegmann
Date: on December 10, 2020

You are amazing - no matter what you’re doing! What a lucky school to have you on the faculty. Thank you for the update. That was a treat! Love, Jan

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