Eagle Scout Honored by SND

Posted on: May 23, 2014 11:00 am
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Eagle Scout Honored for Work on Nature Trail
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Travis Rothdiener was honored at a ceremony on Thursday, May 22, 2014 for his leadership in developing the Sisters of Notre Dame Nature Trail. In the summer of 2012, the Sisters of Notre Dame Committee for the Use of the Heights Grounds saw the benefit of developing an under-used section of the grounds for educational purposes. These hopes for an enhanced nature trail were realized through the efforts of Travis, who oversaw the planning and construction as part of his pursuit for Eagle Scout Rank in the Boy Scouts of America. Travis and his team worked tirelessly in the summer of 2013 to create seventeen tree identifiers, additional loop trails off of the main trail, and three outdoor classrooms. 

To date, several groups of elementary school students have enjoyed field trips on the trail, including students from St. Augustine School in Covington, Ky. and Daisy Scout Troop 7019 from Villa Madonna Academy. Students from St. Augustine experienced a lesson on seeds and how they travel and develop. Each child received an envelope with seeds from the prairie flowers along the nature trail, a small pot and soil, and detailed directions on how to plant and care for the seeds. 

The Daisies discovered the important use of one’s senses in nature. Visually, they compared leaves and bark on the trees along the trail while learning the trees’ names. They used their sense of hearing by listening for birds and other sounds in the local environment. They smelled various flowers and described their scents. Using the sense of touch, they noted different textures of objects found in nature.

The nature trail continues to develop with the current construction of a bird blind and several bird feeders, and several other Eagle Scout projects planned for the near future. Groups and classes are invited to visit for an educational and relaxing hike along the nature trail. To plan a visit or field trip and experience the result of Travis's hard work, please contact Sr. Ann Marie Pflum at

Thank you, Travis!

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