December Birthdays and Namedays

Posted on: November 30, 2018 11:00 am
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Happy Birthday (B) and Happy Nameday (N) to these Covington Sisters of Notre Dame

December 2
Sr. Mary Helen Joseph Riehle (B)

December 3
Sr. Mary Francis Dirr (N)
Sr. Mary Jana Foltz (B)

December 8

Sr. Mary Ethel Parrott (N)
Sr. Mary Ruth Riehle (N)
Sr. Mary Suzanne Rose (N)
Sr. Marjorie Marie Thiel (N)

December 9
Sr. Mary Ethel Parrott (B)

December 12
Sr. Mary Carol Baglan (N)
Sr. Janet Marie Hoffman (N)
Sr. Maria Francine Stacy (N)

December 14
Sr. Mary Shannon Kriege (N)

December 16
Sr. Ann Marie Pflum (B)

December 19
Sr. Bernamarie Lauer (B)

December 24
Sr. Mary Carol Baglan (B)
Sr. Mary Catheryne Geoppinger (B)

December 25
Sr. Mary Noella McEntee (N)
Sr. Mary Kevan Seibert (B)

December 27
Sr. Mary Ruth Agnes Delaney (B)
Sr. Jean Marie Hoffman (N)
Sr. Mary Jean Ann Luken (N)
Sr. Mary Juanelle Thiel (N)
Sr. Jan Marie Villalobos (N)

Joyce Gordon
Date: on December 18, 2019

Sr. Suzanne, Happy Belated Nameday, hope it was special!

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