December 2014 Partner Spotlight: Judy Parsons

Posted on: December 1, 2014 4:00 pm
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Judy Parsons

The Sisters of Notre Dame are missioned to proclaim God’s goodness and provident care, but we do not do it alone! Hundreds of individuals and organizations dedicate their prayers, their time, and various resources to share in carrying out Jesus’ mission near and far. Each month we pass the mic to one or more of our partners and shine the spotlight on their relationship with the Sisters of Notre Dame.

December 2014 Partner Spotlight: Judy Parsons (Burlington, KY)

"God’s missions for us are many and varied. Through the SND Associates Program, we help take Christ to others. This takes many forms and is truly a blessing for the Associates, as well as for those we serve. Sometimes, the missions relate to skills we have already acquired and, at other times, we may find opportunities for personal growth.

Under the initial guidance and wonderful tutelage of Sr. Mary Luann Bender, I began the program for Associates a decade ago. While I was still in formation, Sr. Mary Heleen asked me to assist a group of Notre Dame sisters in their pursuit of Spanish. A retired Spanish teacher, I felt this was a great fit and I have thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with the sisters as they continue with this important language.

I met a second request with greater trepidation. It was in the realm of helping people in their spiritual lives. Unsure of any potential success in this arena, but confident in God’s plan for me, I undertook the assignment. A decade later, I am thoroughly confident that our Good and Provident God always takes care of us if only we trust in Him. His plan for me, with the genuine and loving support of the Sisters of Notre Dame, has been the path better followed. The guidance has been incredible and my life as an SND Associate, totally and happily amazing." -Judy Parsons

Sr. Mary Walter Ann
Date: on December 5, 2014

Judy, Fantastic work --God be with you and "BE GOOD TO YOURSELF" You are in my prayers - Thank you

Sr. M. Heleen Hehman
Date: on December 4, 2014

Thank you, Judy, for persevering with us. You always made it fun. Who could know it takes a lifetime to speak another language; but how appreciative the people are to our efforts. May you continue to bring joy into the lives of others.

Sr. M. Dolores Giblin
Date: on December 3, 2014

Impressive, Judy! I'd like to think that my prayers for you this year may have contributed to your effectiveness in God's business.

Anita Heidrich
Date: on December 3, 2014

Congratulations, Judy! I was happy to read about a former teacher at MQH.

Ann Haegele
Date: on December 2, 2014

Congratulations Judy! Good job :-)

Sr. Mary Michelyn
Date: on December 2, 2014

Judy, Thanks. You have and are doing a great job. God bless you

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