BLOG: Reunited...for the first time

Posted on: July 15, 2015 4:00 pm
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by Sr. Mary Margaret Droege

Since 2006, when our first Uganda sister was professed, I had known our young women only through their photos and had heard stories about their participation in ministry, their enthusiasm, and their kindness.  Finally in June, the sisters in Covington would be able to meet two of these sisters, speak with them, and hear something of their personal stories.

Though only here for a few days we discovered Sr. Therese Marie and Sr. Mary Rozaria to be delightful, interested, and interesting young women.  Their command and pronunciation of English made it easy to converse with them.  With all their obvious giftedness, they were humble and unassuming. They told something of their country,  vocation stories and their present ministries.  Sr. Mary Rozaria ministers in the nursery (pre-school) in Mpala and Sr. Therese Marie teaches math and computer at NDA in Buseesa.

During their brief stay, the sisters were introduced to some of our ministries and toured some local sites of interest.  One evening, they, and our visiting sisters from India and Tanzania, shared the presentations they would be giving in a few days at the Education Summit in Dayton, OH.  How much we learned about these sisters and their countries.

It was so delightful to spend time with our Uganda sisters, to come to know them, and recognize our common SND spirit.  These few days were such a blessed and enriching time of giving and receiving.  How good is our good God!

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