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Posted on: July 14, 2015 11:00 am
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Full House, Full Hearts
by Sr. Mary Janet Stamm

It was such a great gift and blessing, especially for Sr. Delrita and myself, to welcome Srs. Therese Marie and Rozaria to our Kentucky home.  When I left Uganda I thought I would most likely never see them again and now, and so soon, they have come to Kentucky!  It was so good to see how happy, healthy, energetic, and so quickly "at home" we found them to be.

I was especially happy to hear them speak and express what I felt truly came from their hearts, and that was gratitude which they expressed to the various people they met and to the community here. Their potential for leadership was quite evident to us and something we are most grateful for as we continue to pray for the development of St. Julie Mission.

It was also such a blessing to welcome four Indian sisters, Srs. Mary Neelima, Mukti, Ruby, and Manisha. Two have also been missionaries in Africa, serving for a long time there. We know them, Sr. Mary Neelima and Sr. Mukti, and it was a joy to be with them again. I was amazed and thrilled to hear of the great work our sisters in India are doing; this was evident in the presentation they gave.  They reach out to thousands of people in their ministry of education. In one place 14,000 girls!

On a lighter note, when our two Ugandan sisters arrived from Africa, one of the first things they said after our greetings was, "Will we get a ride in Tom's red car?" My brother, Tom Stamm, has a red Mustang convertible. He would often send me pictures while I was in Uganda. I would share with the sisters the pictures he sent, and many were of cars, as this is his business and hobby. I did ask my younger brother, Leo, who also has a Mustang red convertible to take them for a ride in it. He toured us through Devou Park, which has a beautiful overlook of the Cincinnati skyline, and the neighborhood surrounding the provincial center.

Gerald Muhanguzi
Date: on July 20, 2015

May God bless the Sisters of Notre Dame.

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