BLOG: Morning Mass at SND*USA

Posted on: July 24, 2015 2:00 pm
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Mayra Martinez, SND Postulant, serving as Eucharistic Minister.

by Sr. Marla Monahan

Today was the first full day of the SND*USA National Gathering. The morning began with a liturgy led by Monsignor Charles Singler, who is Director of Priestly Vocations/Office of Divine Worship for the Diocese of Toledo and was educated by the Sisters of Notre Dame in Sandusky, OH. Appropriately, his focus for us was joy and courage. 

The readings today from Philippians and Luke called us to rejoice in the Lord and to understand that joy can be found by serving those in discomfort and relegated to the outskirts of society.

Monsignor Singler, reflecting on these readings, called us to our agenda for the future—to serve the poor, the hungry, the weeping, the hated, and the excluded. We must ask ourselves, “How do we accomplish this in these times?”

He challenged us to ponder the boldness and courage of those who went before us, and to know that what they did, they did with God, making it all possible.

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