April Name Days and Birthdays

Posted on: March 31, 2016 3:00 pm
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Happy Birthday (B) and Happy Nameday (N) to these Covington Sisters of Notre Dame

April 1
Sr. Mary Pat Kenney (B/N)

April 4
Sr. Mary Ruth Riehle (N)
Sr. Elaine Marie Winter (N)
Sr. Mary Lea Paolucci (N)
Sr. Marylyn Ehrman (N)
Sr. Ann Marie Pflum (N)
Sr. Nance Marie Hehman (N)
Sr. Mary Elaine Krebs (N)
Sr. Mary Rachel Nerone (N)

April 11
Sr. Nance Marie Hehman (B)

April 19
Sr. Mary Ruth Riehle (B)

April 26
Sr. Mary Dennise Wagenlander (N)

April 27
Sr. Mary Noella McEntee (B)
Sr. Mary Ann Christine Kathman (B)

What is a Nameday?

A Nameday is the feast day of one's Patron Saint.

Sister Nance
Date: on April 11, 2016

Happy Birthday to you! I really enjoyed reading about your account of your trip to Nicaragua! Keep up the good work in Augusta!

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