Advent Prayer: Week Two

Posted on: December 7, 2014 1:00 pm
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Week Two Advent Prayer: EXPECTING

We are an expectant, EXPECTING people. When we expect someone we love, we prepare ourselves for that person’s arrival. Our thoughts are on that person; our hearts are filled with hope and expectation.

We are EXPECTING to find CHRIST at Christmas, as well as in our daily lives. Are we taking time to fill our lives with prayer and kindness? How do we show the Lord that we are EXPECTING him?

Jesus is EXPECTING us. He is preparing for us many graces and blessings. He expects us; he guides us; he calls us; he encourages us to come closer—to know his peace within our hearts.

This week, let us be EXPECTANT persons, alert to the coming of the Lord within us.

Jesus, we EXPECT you. 

Next week...AWAITING

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