Advent Prayer: Week One

Posted on: December 1, 2014 4:00 pm
Tags: Advent

Week One Advent Prayer: INVITING

In Advent, we INVITE the Lord to share our lives more deeply. We try to recognize and remove whatever clogs our hearts from being receptive to His graces. We try to silence our hearts from the worries and concerns that bog us down, and turn our attention to the spiritual life within us. We extend an INVITATION to Christ, "Come, dwell within us."

And he INVITES us also: "Come to me...there is room; there is hope; there is peace in my heart for you."

During this first week of Advent, let us attune ourselves to the word INVITING - God inviting us to dwell with him, and we inviting him to touch our hearts with whatever we need to live more peacefully and to love more deeply.

Jesus, we INVITE you.

Next week....EXPECTING


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