A REAL Adventure to Give

Posted on: December 29, 2016 3:00 pm

Six women who grew up in Bellevue, Kentucky, participated in the December 11 Adventure to Give. The story of how they came to participate goes back 55 years and was an adventure unto itself.

Rosanne Fausz, Sue Fausz, Debbie Fugate, Barb Schmidt, Karla Schultz, and Bev Smith have been friends since 1961. After attending St. Anthony and Sacred Heart Schools in Campbell County, they began their high school careers at Our Lady of Providence Academy in Bellevue.

As their life experiences and families have grown, so has their friendship. Over the years they have made it a point to get together every month, take trips together, and share in an annual Christmas dinner.

In 2016, the Christmas dinner was overseen by Sue Fausz, who made it much more than a dinner. At 11:30 a.m. on December 11, the group met at Barb Schmidt's house for brunch. After dining, Sue blindfolded her five friends and made sure they were buckled up in her vehicle. They set off to a destination known only to Sue, who had secretly registered the group for the Adventure to Give service event.

After taking the long way from Barb's to the back parking lot at the Sisters of Notre Dame Provincial Center, the women removed their blindfolds to realize they were at a convent. Still not explaining why they were there, Sue led the group into the building where they were greeted by sisters, associates, and fellow volunteers. After Sr. Ruth Lubbers concluded the opening prayer service, Sue gave her five friends a wrapped present. They opened their gifts to find handmade aprons, which came in handy once they learned they would be helping prepare food and crafts to send to the Emergency Shelter of Northern Kentucky.

As is typical in Northern Kentucky, the more the women talked with their fellow participants, the more connected they realized they were. In fact, while Karla Schultz made door hangers with Sr. Elaine Marie Winter, she discovered that Sr. Elaine is the Godmother to one of her bridesmaids. Karla also learned that Sr. Mary Shannon Kriege is a friend of her nephew.

When the last care package was made and loaded into the van, the women said their farewells to the Adventure to Give participants and prepared for the next secret stop on their own adventure. We learned later that Sue took them to Smale Park on the Cincinnati riverfront. After taking a ride on the carousel the women finally made it to their annual Christmas dinner!

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Linda Von Handorf Fussinger
Date: on January 6, 2017

What a great day with friends and doing good all at the same time!!

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